It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Chapter 2, Page 25, Book 21


Don’t settle for average.  Bring your best to the moment.  Then whether if fails or succeeds, at least you know you gave all you had.  We need to live that best that’s in us.

Angela Bassett

February 25th - do your best in everything you do.
Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does.

William James

You are the one that knows what your best is, and you are the one that truly knows when you’re not giving it.  Even if you an outstanding record, Giving your best means thinking a little differently, it means being positive when you want to complain. because complaining is not helping you reach your goals.  Giving your best is trying even if you can’t do something because you might just surprise yourself.  

Doing your best is what ever it takes, it’s going that little extra mile.  Whatever 100 percent looks like we go out there and give it.

It’s important we give our best to the things we do.  Whether we know it or not people are always watching us to see if we practice what we preach.  

To give your best means you try your hardest and always try to reach excellence in your work.  When you are getting paid to do a job it’s important to always do you best.  The value you bring to your job depends on your dedication to solve the problems you face.

Doing your best is synonymous with living out each and every moment to it’s fullest potential.  All that is required is not to fight what ever life throws your way.

It’s not about meeting expectations oe achievements.  It isn’t about success or failure.  It’s about putting all your energy into whatever life situation you are currently in.

Every opportunity you fail just breeds room for growth.  Instead of taking setbacks as a sign of weakness, treat it as a measure of your progress.  Learn from it and don’t allow it to blind you from moving forward.

The point is we have to live each and every moment with the intention of giving your all to the present, whatever that is.  You can’t do your best if you are worried about doing better.

When you always do your best you will be amazed by the results.  It is a program for living that progresses the more you work it.

Do a little more each day than you think you  possibly can.

Lowell Thomas


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Always be the best version of yourself.

jack69 said...

For many years now I have recognized many people's 100% is different. More than I could do and sometimes less than I do, but I always respect the ones who give 100% in life and a job.
From a beautiful day in NC,
Sherry & jack
Sending hugs your way!

jack69 said...

PS: Good to see you back and good form.... ;-)

Martha said...

I totally agree with this! It reminds me about people in the work place and how so many just do the minimum they can get away with doing. That's why 10% of the people do 90% of the work. I've never understood that. If you have to be there anyway why not give it the best you've got!

Mevely317 said...

I was just going to say that about some people in the workplace. Believe me, I witnessed so many young people who were there just for the paycheck. Unfortunately, it was hard to even FIND staff. One has to wonder about the example their parents set. (Or not.)
Going out on a limb here, but I think one of the worst feelings is being disappointed in oneself. Knowing you could have done better, but didn't.