It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Chapter 1, Page 31, Book 21

Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week.

Joseph Addison

January 31st -thankful Sunday

Sunday:  A day to refuel your soul and be graetful for you blessings. Take a deep breath and relax.  Enjoy your family, your friends, and a cup of coffee.

Author Unknown

However you may spend your Sunday, make sure you  spend it doing something you like to do, that you dont do the rest of the week.  Sundays are  as special as you are.

We all need a time out now and then and Sundays my day to rest.  I have plenty of time to reflect on what was good in my week and I call it counting my blessings.  

This week was a terribly cold one for us in Ohio, but thankfully I do have a warm and cosy home to enjoy .

I have central heating that works just fine.  And I am always cozy and comfortable.  But if I have to go out I also have some warm clothing to wear.  A coat, some cloves, and a warm hat on my head.  

Im thankful for our pharmacists going the extra mile and providing the vaccine for us .  I got my shot on Friday and am thankful to say that I have an appointment next month for the 2nd dose.  I had no bad side effects at all. Matter of fact my arm didnt hurt like it usually does from the flu shot. 

Im thankful I didnt have to wait outside for hours in the cold, which could it could have been  an alternative here where I live.  They had shots available at our our community college, but warned it would include a long wait.  

I can only hope at this point many more can receive the vaccine before they get sick with the virus.  So far now new cases have been reported in my family.  Every one is healthy and safe.  That is truly something to be thankful for.

Im thankful that DD and DS#5 stopped in this week. He put away all the storage bins that I got boxed up from Christmas and DD helped to organized a few things that had just been cluttering up space here.  Their help is so appreciated.  

Im also thankful for a call from DS#6 made on FaceTime.  My grandson proudly showed off his lego table and the projects he has been working on.  It was so good to see all of them.

hope your week has  had lots to be thankful for too.

There is always something to be thankful for.

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content
Author Unknown

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Chapter 1, Page 30, Book 21

The first to apologize is the bravest.  The first to forgive is the strongest.The first to forget is the happiest. Be the best  Always be first.

Author Unknown

January 30th - forgive and move on with a smile.

The weak can never forgive.  Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.


To be the first to show forgiveness is not a sign of weekness.  It is a gift we give ourselves so we can move on and enjoy our life.  It takes a very strong person to forgive. It’s a sign of strength not weakness.

To forgive is to stop feeling angry or resentful toward someone for an offense, flaw or mistake.  The choice is ours to make. Releasing the hurts doesn’t mean they aren’t guilty.  but it takes the weight off of the offender.  We can be proud of ourselves for being the bigger person.You’ll never be able to move forward unless you let go.

Forgiveness is the central key because it helps us.  it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself.  It’s a path to freedom. It’s a powerful first step that is for us.  It provides a sense of peace, it breaches the hold offenders have on us and enables us to move forward.  Words have power and the potential is our freedom.  It’s worth a try.

Holding on to anger holds you back and weighs you down.  Learn to forgive and feel as light as air.  You will then have room in your heart for  all the goodness that’s available in your life.

Forgiveness is a funny thing it warms the heart and cools the sting.

Willian Arthur Ward

Friday, January 29, 2021

Chapter 1, Page 29, Book 21

Be like a sharpie - super fine.

Author Unknown

January 29th -I’m fine.

Everything is going to be fine in the end.  If its not fine, its not the end.

Oscar Wilde

I think a lot of the way we feel is in our minds.  If a day is sunny and bright, I always tend to feel better.  Our feelings can come and go with the weather.  

Sometimes I can talk myself into feeling fine.  I remember the days that I didnfeel good and try to remember what it took to make me feel better.  

We shouldnt let lifes changes throw us off track.  Focus on feeling fine and we find we really do feel better.  Its all up to us.  We have the choice to be happy or not.  

I dont just want to feel fine, but super fine!  Its up to me to choose.  We need to dismiss the negative thoughts and keep the positive ones.

Feel good about yourself no matter what life brings  and each time you wake up you have a chance to make things better.  Dont waste it.

Dont compare yourself to others. There is no one out there like you. Try to focus on your own abilities instead.  Your attitude is something to work on every day.   Keep a positive attitude and soon youll be feeling fine too.  

Most folks are as happy  as they make up their minds to be.

Abraham Lincoln 

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Chapter 1, Page 28, Book 21

The way you treat yourself sets the standards for others

Sonya Friedman

January 28th - Treat others as you want to be treated.

The way you see people is the way you treat them, and the way you treat them is what they become.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one you will foster in your life.  It all starts and ends with you.  Become aware of how you want others to treat you, so that you can be that way for others.  

If you allow others to treat you unfairly, it signifies that you feel unworthy.  Being self assertive does not mean being mean spirited, it means valuing your own self worth and upholding this as a reminder to others.

I try to always treat others as I would myself and because I treat myself in high esteem,  I foster this behavior in my relationships.

I know for sure, that because I do not swear or use cuss words, others will watch what they are saying around me.  They won’t use those either, because they know I don’t. They respect my feelings.

We must be purposeful about what we value in life, the values we live by.  Be it loyalty, trust. respect, or moral character we must put our values out front for all to see.  People will react to what they see.

If you want others to treat you more kindly, you must develop better people skills.  There is no surer way to make other people in your environment improve.

John C. Maxwell

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Chapter 1, Page 27, Book 21

The best project you;ll work on is you.

Sonny Franco

January 27th - there is always room for self improvement 

The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.

Tony Robbins

Every day is a chance to get better than the day we were before.  There is always room for self improvement.  We all deserve the best versions of ourselves. 

Each day is a new opportunity to grow.  Each day we can be better than yesterday.The more I learn , the more I realize there is so much out there we dont know.  So much that I have to learn.

Learning something new requires you to stretch yourself in different aspects, whether physically, mentally or emotionally.

Real growth comes with hard work and sweat.  Being too comfortable makes us stagnate.  The best way to learn and improve is to take action. Waiting doesnt get anything done.  Taking actions gives us some immediate results to learn from.

This week Ive been making new recipes and found some inspiration for an art project I want to begin. I even found one I want to paint for summer.  Im not going to wait on making a better me, Im starting now and will continue learning and growing  every day.  There will never be a better project to work on than me.

Well done is better than well said.

Benjamin Franklin

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Chapter 1, Page 26, Book 21

Dont over think.  Just let it go.

Author Unknown

January 26 - let go and live your life

The truth is unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize the situation is over, you cannot move forward.

Steve Maribold 

The mind loves to think and it never seems to want to stop, but we overthink so much people consider it to be a worldwide epedemic.  

Overthinking is the art of creating problems that aren’t even there.
Dont ruin a new day by thinking about yesterday.  Let it go.

Forgiveness is the highest of human virtues.  Not because it is morally correct, spiritually mature, or deemed a commendable personalty trait.  Itspecial because it can induce the ultimate peace in people.

You can rest happily knowing you lived true to yourself, acted with canfidence and stood up for what you believe in.  Boldness is respectable, carefulness has never changed the world.

Thoughts are powerful and become your reality.  Whatever you focus your mind on is exactly what you will experience in life. Change your thoughts and you can change your life.

There is nothing you can do about the wrongs of yesterday, it is not yours to judge.  Why hold on to the very thing  which keeps you from hope and love.

Leo Buscalia

Monday, January 25, 2021

Chapter 1, Page 25, Book 21

You cant take back the past, but you can fight for the future.

January 25th. - focusing on the future.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Sometimes we spend a lot of time thinking about how it was in the past instead of looking at the possibilities of what is coming in the future.  We now have a fight on our hands against Covoid 19 and often wish wed get back to the days that came before life as we know it now changed.  We wish we could return to the days before the virus hit us with a blast. The thing is, we may never return to the way it was, but we can fight for the future.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel and while it may take awhile to get there, we’ll eventually get there.  It’s not going to be easy and will take some effort on our part.

Not everyone wants to get vaccinated, but the sooner we do the more our chances are of seeing another day free from the virus. I heard on the news that by the fall 90 percent of the population should be vaccinated and things could start to turn around.  

Knowing how fast time goes.  The fall isn’t all that far away.  If we can just stay safe and healthy until we can get there. .  We have to do what we can to mask up when we go out and keep our safe distances and keep on washing those hands when we can.

I try to limit myself on how many times I go out each week and watch to be careful it’s not too crowded where I go.  We can fight this good fight with everything we know how to.

Do not let the memories of your past limit the potential of your future.  There are no limits to what you can achieve on your journey through life, except in your mind.

Roy T. Bennett

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Chapter 1, Page 24, Book 21

Thankfulness creates gratitude which generates contentment that causes peace.

Todd Stocker 

January 24th - thankful Sunday

Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, know that ever step forward is a step toward active something bigger and better than your current situation.

Brian Tracy

Even if we are not able to get out much these days, its amazing how fast the time flies.  And here we are another Sunday to give thanks for and to enjoy.

Im thankful for a day of rest, to stay home, rest where it is safe and cozy.  This week and last week I had to make a trip to pharmacy for a refill on my prescriptions for high blood pressure.  Im thankful that my pharmacist agreed to get it set up so next time I go I can get both at the same time instead of making two trips as Ive been having to do.  All I had to do was ask and he readily agreed to set it up.  They dont volunteer that information.  Im thankful that that they were so helpful.

Ithankful to our local health department that has enabled a way to get notified when the vaccine will be available for me to get. They are working hard to keep everyone informed. They said not to call, their phone lines were overwhelmed.So thankful for the technology that lets them do this for us.  We all have our questions and this way well get the answers. 

So far weve all  managed to get through another week safe and healthy.  No new cases have occurred in our family.  We just have to do our best to keep healthy and safe right now .  That makes me very thankful.  Wearing a mask has been proven the best action at this point and we do that.  Thankfully they are available readily or we can even make our own.  My DILs have made me some very nice ones.  However, when I went to the doctors office a couple of weeks ago they made me replace the one I was wearing with one of their own that they said was proven to be safer.  It looked like the disposable blue and white masks that Ive seen available in the stores.  I even have a box of them in case I dont have a clean one of my own to wear. But they were the N95 masks that healthcare workers  wear and are medical grade masks.

So thankful for the readily available masks and hand sanitizer.  They were at shortage for awhile, but now I see them for sale everywhere I go.

There is so much to be thankful for, my list could go on and on.  I hope you all had a great week too and have somethings to be thankful for. 

I can no other answer make, but thanks, and thanks.

William Shakespeare

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Chapter 1, Page 23, Book 20

Sometimes the place you are used to is not the place you belong.

By the Queen of Katwe

January 23th - getting out of my comfort zone

You never change you’re life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Roy T. Bennett

Sometimes the best personal and professional experiences we can have in our lives are when we completely step outside our comfort zone.  Even if they are a failure, we know we tried something new and likely gained a great deal in the process.

As much as I love my comfort zone, it is necessary now and then to try something new.  It might be a little scary at first but when we try something new, it broadens our perspective on life. We tend to spend too much effort on keeping things as is and not enough striving for what could be.  Whether it is trying out a new consignment store, a hike on a new trail, cooking a new recipe, or the launch of a new career, trying new things is exhilarating. Dont let fear stop you.

I havent tried anything new in  a long while, and I feel the need to shake things up and step out of my comfort zone.  Doing the same old things really isnt comfortable for me at all.

Trying new things is its own reward, freeing us to have the experiences that we long to enjoy, Its a surprise gift waiting for us but such a loss when we dont open it due to fear.of failure.

One of the great tragedies in life is in not developing your potential.  You robbing yourself and the world of the wonderful talents God has given you.

We all need variety in our lives. So its out with the old and in with the new for me.  Im going to get creative and try out something new.  Life is meant to be an adventure and they are always there when you look for them.  It’s important to remember that tailing  at something does not make a person a failure. Most people who have done great things have failed many times before they actually succeeded.

Do one thing everyday that scares you.

Eleanor Roosevelt