It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Chapter 4, Page 23, Book 20

Try to be like a turtle - at ease in our own shell.

Bill Copeland

April 23rd - home sweet home

The Turtles teachings are so beautiful.  So very special.  It teaches us that everything you are, everything you need and everything you bring to the world is inside you, not external, and you carry it with you and are not limited to a place.

Eileen Anglin
Turtles carry their homes on their backs.  They never leave their home, but more importantly their home never leaves them.  They already have everything they need to survive and thrive.

When the turtle gets flipped on its back, everything gets tossed askew.  But the turtle literally used its strong neck and head to lift and flip itself upright again  Trust your own wisdom and knowledge when in a bind.  Use your head and don’t let any tell you, you can’t..

A turtle is opportunistic and takes her time to notiice when an opportunity crosses her path.  In the tale the Tortoise and the Hare, sometimes the hare is moving so fast, with her eye on the prize that she misses opportunities as she whizzes by and she’s so busy trying to outwit and outrun and to be the best that she exhausts herself.

The tortoise is at her pace so she can slow down and seize the moments to explore.    She goes within herself literally to assess.  The tortoise doesn’t try to be the hare or buy into the hair’s latest program.

Lesson:  It’s not about winning, because that often becomes about someone’s race.  Following someone else’s schemes or shortcuts may not work for you, at least until  you slow down enough to know what resonates and what feels right for you.   

As for me, slow and steady wins the race eery time. And that is how I will be when it comes to venturing out in this world when everything  begins to open up.  I still believe that home sweet home will be the best place to be.  I’ve got everything I need right here. I’m a turtle !  I’m slow to build, and  in it for the long haul .  I often have pause to catch catch up with myself.  Watch the work, not the time. Every one should take the time it takes and be safe.  We turtles take our own sweet time, but we always get there.

Watch the turtle.  He only moves forward by sticking his neck out. 

Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Slow but sure wins the race...

jack69 said...

Oh yes, a great comparison. I see we can learn a lot from that hardshell dudes. My book Toby's Tales was inspired by Paula of Texas as she talked toand about about her back yard land turtle Toby.
good read
Sherry & Jack BE SAFE...

betty said...

Slow and steady does indeed work to accomplish something and get things done. A lot of neglected work is getting done these days around houses since everyone is at home. Son is catching up on projects he hasn't had a chance to do. So staying home has been a good thing.


Mevely317 said...

Good to know about (how) a flipped turtle rights itself again. Not as helpless as one might think! Another great example of lessons we might learn from the animal kingdom. I wonder if they ever look at we humans rushing about and wringing our hands and just shake their heads. (*smile*) Like you, I'm in no hurry to venture out; but will stay home a few more weeks and see what happens.


love the analogies you made. one of my first pets was a big old turtle crawling around in my backyard. alot you can learn from them indeed. stay safe. take care.