It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Chapter 1, Page 8, Book 20

My 1Days Of  Christmas

Day 14  January 8th

I got to see another beautiful Florida sunrise this morning.  It’s starting out at a chilly 53 degrees this morning but should be 75 by this afternoon.  My day will probably be miuch like yesterday when I spent the afternoon sitting in the sun and reading a another good book.  I’ve lucked out lately and read two good ones in a row. Although they are very different, both held my interest and were page turners for sure.  This second book is called,  The Paris Package, a Stella Bled Thriller Book One by A.W. Hartoin,  and is about a couple of newlyweds on their honeymoon right before the beginning of WWII.  They went to France, Italy and Venice and it was there they saw the effects of what the Germans were doing.  Jews homes we being destroyed and they we being sent to camps.  What ensues is a very dramatic account of their days there , but the bad thing is that I’ll have to buy Book Two in order to read the ending.  I really dislike this when it happens.  

For now I’ll have to be content with the books I have on my Kindle until I can get home and put some money on my Amazon Account. 

Sad to say I haven’t been in this lovely pool yet.  We’re to reach 80 tomorrow so that may just be the day.  It is heated but I don’t like to feel cold when I get out.

My Florida granddag is the only one here with me today.  My son and DIL went back to work on Monday and their two boys returned to school today.  I’ll spend some time updating my blogs and reading some too.  I am about as lazy as anyone can get, but there really is nothing else to do.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thahifully I ave an afternoon in the sunshine to enjoy!

betty said...

Such a wonderful companion for your days now with the dog, Ma; very sweet looking! Love the picture of you reading, enjoying the beautiful weather! I'm with you; I don't like to be cold when I get out of a pool. Its funny here when it is over 100 degrees outside and I get out of the pool and I feel cold :)

Enjoy your day!


jack69 said...

HA! Sherry kept checking for your entry, then I got the thumbs up, MA's is on!...

There are days that just dog company is good. Oh yes about the books, I know what you mean about 'the next book'.
I wasn't sure I would ever get used to reading e-books but I sure have. BUT westerns are fairly 'simple books' as far a plots go, so I don't have to turn back to verify something I am reading. It is much more difficult than the actual paper book. BUT I am getting used to reading on the Kindle.
The pool is looks good. We kept our pool at 91 degrees, I never thought about it until then but that is still cooler than body temp, but comfortable.
I know you will enjoy the rest of your time there. We sure are enjoying your entries.
Love from here,
Sherry & jack

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

It sounds like you're living the good life in sunny Florida. What a great way to start the new year! Before you go back home, you simply MUST jump into that pool at least once. It's too pretty not to enjoy. (Keep a big ol' fluffy towel nearby to grab when you get out!)

That book sounds terrific, but I know what you mean about cliff-hangers. They drive me nuts. I even read one book that literally ended in the middle of a sentence! GRRRR (I did NOT give that book a superlative review. HA!)

Happy New Year, dear lady!

Mevely317 said...

I'm going to bookmark that book until such time as the 2nd one debuts. Hate when that happens. What a sweet grand-pup you've got there, keeping you company in his(her?) sun puddle. I, too, love that pix of you reading ... like an advertisement for the Sunshine State. Come'on down!


looks like a nice peaceful time, reading your book by the pool. enjoy every single moment.

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