It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Chapter 12, Page 29, Book 19

My 17 Days Of  Christmas 

Day 3 - December 29th  

DDIL#1 and family arrived early yesterday morning and after a little catching up time they all left for some shopping and to register at their hotel.   DS#5 and 6  arrived later on,   The traffic has made for slow driving. 

DS*4 made wings and we had them and macaroni salad for dinner while the boys enjoyed watching the Ohio State football game.  Then some of us went to a Florida Everblades hockey game.  One of my grandson’s is very keen on hockey and didn’t want to miss a chance to see them while they were here.

It’s supposed to be our beach day and later on we’ll all pack  up and head for the beach.  I’ll collect some shells to take home Where I’m going to make a little beach in a bowl, with sand and shells. 

We still have a airboat ride in the everglades and a visit to a Fruit Market and the Mantatee park to do.  It’s been busy and wonderful here with all the people and I’m loving every moment.  Our Christmas celebration will be on the 31at when we’ll also celeberate New Year’s Eve.  

Even my granddad loves all the attention


jack69 said...

To quote a song: It's the most wonderful time of the year. Looks like you guys are having fun ('cept for that traffic!). Love the family pics and glad you are having a good time. It is rainy here in central Florida. Our oldest son declares Florida is the state of liquid sunshine!
Love to all and a MERRY CHRISTMAs to all.
Love from up here!
Sherry & jack

Buttercup said...

What fun! I have a shell collection in my bedroom from a trip to Sanibel Island about ten years ago. Love collecting shells. Keep having a great time.

betty said...

So glad everyone has arrived safely! Now to enjoy the good times ahead!! I heard traffic was really bad here from people leaving Phoenix to drive up north to where there was snow. It is that time of year when a lot of people are on the road! Have a great beach day!


Mevely317 said...

Thank goodness everyone arrived without incident! That photo just makes me shudder.
My first year as a Floridian I collected shells and made them into Christmas tree ornaments. Your beach-in-a-bowl sounds like a terrific idea!


sounds like a wonderful christmas celebration with everybody. enjoy. enjoy. Happy New Years.