It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Chapter 11, Page 12, Book 19

That old saying about opportunity only knocking once is as archaic as the flat earth theory and as patently untrue.  Opportunity knocks all the time  and it rings your doorbell, calls you up an sends you e-mails.

Victoria Moran

November 12th - every day is a new opportunity

Every day is an opportunity to have a fresh start  it doesn’t matter what happened yesterday; all that counts is today. When you wake up in the morning know that today is new day, a new start.  The beginning of a new life awaits you.

Author Unknown

Every thing in life can be seen as an opportunity.  The dictionary defines opportunity as a good chance for advancement or progress. Every ending is always a new beginning, When something ends, something new begins and with each new beginning is always a new opportunity.

Every ending that I’ve experienced in my life was because something new was beginning.  I am what I am now because something that ended has allowed me to experience new opportunity and challenges in my life.  The life I have is the result of many endings.  Every new opportunity and challenge I’ve experienced was possible because something ended at some point in my past.

I've learned that the post is gone and the future has not yet arrive.  The only place where we can really live is in the present.  Therefore we must focus on trying not to change our past but to focus on living our present .  This moment is all we have,We cannot change what has happened but we can change the way we experience what is happening in our present.  In this way we can see the opportunities that we are present in our lives. 

We must remember that when one door closes, another one opens.  When one chapter ends, another begins and it is in our own hands to write a new and more wonderful story.  This new chapter, this blank page, is a new opportunity and we can create anything we want.  

An end is a new beginning, therefore we have the opportunity to start over.  To let go of what is no longer there, to give a place in our lives for what is waiting for us.

We all have a choice.  We can decide to live tied to to an end, living in the past, or we can decide to let go of that which no longer exists and start a new life.  

Every day is a new beginning, take a deep breath and start again.

Most people miss Opportunity because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

Thomas A. Edison


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

New beginnings happen every day, fresh opportunities t start agin.

Chatty Crone said...

I agree - every time we wake up we have a new day and opportunity to live. To start over. A fresh start. Love, sandie

betty said...

So true if a door closes, another one will open up soon. Just got to enjoy each day and take the opportunities God lays out for us. I'm glad we have fresh starts every day too!


Debbie said...

So very true....what's done is done. Each new breath is fresh air....let it fill your lungs with the sweetness of new experiences. Let's open our eyes to what God has in store for us today. From the smallest snowflake, to a burst of sunshine from behind a cloud!! It's in our own perception of how we look at what's given to us.
Love you.

Mevely317 said...

How can something so true feel so difficult to grasp? Practice, practice, practice … right? Like Tony Robbins says, "The past does not equal the future."

jack69 said...

HAHA! it really enjoyed the read. AND YES each day is a new beginning. but the smile was at the Edison quote. Ain't that the truth!!!

Love from down here where we get a taste of cold. We dip near 20 tonite....
Sherry & jack (staying warm, hope you do!)