It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Chapter 10, Page 30, Book 19

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness.

Charles Spurgeon

October 30th,- Happiness is not found in things.

If you have just a little fun today, its a sign that maybe the future will hold even more fun for you.  Fun isnt just fun, its hope

Linda Richman

  We need to let go of our thinking about what we don’t have and always wishing for more.  If we find what we’re looking for then we have to take time to enjoy it.   Enjoy what you have while you have it.  there is no guarantee that it will always be there.

We need to appreciate what we have or we’ll never be happy with what we get. It’s all in shifting our mindset, seeing things in a new way,  Be yourself, allow yourself to be the person you’re created to be and surround yourself with those who love you for who you really are.  

Don’t let sick people make you sick.  Let go of unhealthy relationships so you can enjoy your life.  Reseach shows that the quality of our relationships is the most significant factor to our over all happiness during our lifetime. 

Complain less and compliment more and be happier instantly.  Make the decision to be Happier.  Decide that your dreams and goals are with it and move forward even when it feels scary or uncomfortable,  Less is always more ..  

To be happy, do not add to your possessions but subtract from your desires.

Author Unknown


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Enjoy what you have and you will be happy...

betty said...

So true that happiness is an inside job and so true to appreciate what we have now and to enjoy them because we are not guaranteed we will always have them or that we will still be here to enjoy them. Had a new fridge delivered yesterday. The young man who was setting it up was talking with me. He was a believer so he mentioned something his mom had taught her children. She said when in any situation to "choose joy." So if you get stuck behind someone going slow, instead of being impatient choose joy. I think you do that, Ma. You choose to be grateful and positive. I'm going to try to adopt that "choose joy".


jack69 said...

I complimented a little young lady cashier the other day and thru the pain or 'something' She came thru with a big smile. Sherry noticed it. then I smiled...
Sherry & jack Good advice as usual!

Mevely317 said...

Gosh I feel bad about all the years I wasted, chasing after people and things which held little merit. No more! Definitely, in this season of my life, less is more.

Linda said...

Louis Dean and I sat in the den tonight before bed - or I should say early this morning before bed - rejoicing in the happiness we have found together. We would be happy people if we had not found one another but we’re thankful to be happy TOGETHER!