It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Chapter 7, Page 19, Book 18

Anger always comes from frustrated expectations.

Elliot Larson

 Don’t be disappointed by your expectations of what people do.  

Once we reach a certain age, we tend to recalibrate our expectations.  We expect less from the wold once we’ve seen it up close.

Marianne Williamson

They say if we don’t want to be disappointed , we must first choose not to expect anything.  I have a hard time with no expectations.  I’ve always placed high expectations on myself and on others and yes I’ve had cause for disappointment too.

Truth is that we need to respect people for who they are and not for what we want them to be.    We need to love people for who they are.  People are not always going to be who we want them to be, they don’t change because we want them to.  They are who they are.  

Even though it’s hard for many of us to see, the moment we get frustrated over what some one has done or said, something that may be unacceptable to us, we are in fact choosing to do so.  It’s a choice each one of us has to make.  

People rarely behave the way we want them to, but we can can accept them as they are and hope for the best.   We are all different and we all see life from a different perspective.  

There will be people that try to drag us down with them, there will be people that are feeling miserable and try to make us feel miserable too, but we have a choice.  

The world is as it is, people are as they are.  We cannot change them but we can definitely change ourselves, and that is what will make all the difference.

By  greatly reducing our expectations, we greatly reduce the amount of disappointment in our lives and reduced disappointment leads to increased optimism — because few people can retain optimism after suffering repeated disappointment.  

Dennis Prager


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Today I expect that I will be me and that you will be you !

betty said...

We probably don't live up to others' expectations of us either so it is a sobering reminder not to expect people to always live up to our expectations of them. Just got to love people and be kind to them as we can.



it's important to be who we are, expectations aside. "By greatly reducing our expectations, we greatly reduce the amount of disappointment in our lives."