It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Monday, March 26, 2018

Chapter 3, Page 26, Book 18

Teach us to delight in the simple things.

Rudyard Kipling

Just look around…

A happy life is made of little things.

Carol Homes

It truly is the simple things in life that make us happiest.  It can be as simple as a hot shower, a sunny morning, or taking a long walk in the woods.  The best things in life are free for the taking.  They aren’t even available to buy.

To be rich in admiration and free from envy, to rejoice greatly in the good of others, to love with such generosity of heart that your love is still a dear possession in absence or unkindness - these are the gifts which money cannot buy.  

Robert Louis Stevenson

Money cannot buy happiness.  When we stop long enough to allow ourselves to delight in even the smallest things in life, our worries and cares seem to shrink as our joy and happiness grow.

A thousand daily little things make their offering of pleasure to this who know how to be pleased. 

Henry Ward Beecher


jack69 said...

Happiness has no price tag. We were happy and content with the things we had when my year's salary was $936 and Sherry was a stay at home wife. We are happy now with no financial strains. You are so right money does not buy happiness, but real love creates it.
Love from down here,
Sherry & JAck

Chatty Crone said...

I do think you are right Pam, I think and I am guilty of this too at times - we put off happiness or something fun - to do work - I need to keep on myself in this area. sandie


simple [leasures bring us happiness, it's true. "A happy life is made of little things."