It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Chapter 3, Page 24, Book 18

Spring itself is Faith.  In all it’s glory and colors the true nature of our being is being reborn.  Faith roots in our souls and grows in our hearts.  Faith is the very beat of our hearts.  Faith is the air we breathe.  Faith is the lump in our throats and the tears we shed.  Faith is the first rose that blooms.

Barbara Collier

Keeping the faith...

Faith is a curious thing.  It must be renewed;  it has it’s own Spring.

Gladys Taber

I am a woman of faith and I do believe that no matter what our circumstances , things do work out for the good.

A woman of faith trusts in the Lord, which means trusting in His promises and therefore will follow in keeping their own promises.  A woman of faith keeps herself in the Word, by learning…since we never stop doing that.  A woman of faith prays.

No matter what happens my faith cannot be shaken.  It’s tried and true and  I won’t stop believing.  

Faith is not without worry or care, but faith is fear that has said a prayer.

Author Unknown

With Easter right around the corner, I thought the symbolism of Spring and Faith was a good topic to pursue. We can plant seeds of faith this spring.  

Spring is a time when the ground is ready for planting.  But in order to see the seeds grow, we have to actively tend to the process.  After the seeds are planted, we have to water them and weed the garden.  We cannot sit back and expect to harvest what we have not sown.

And so it is with our faith.  We have to be active participants in order for it to grow. Faith roots in our souls and grows in our hearts.

Faith is putting all your eggs in God’s basket, the counting your blessings before they hatch.

Ramona C. Carroll

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i like this analogy. "Faith roots in our souls and grows in our hearts."