It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Chapter 9, Page 6, Book 17

Nobody can make you happy
until you’re happy with yourself.

Author Unknown

The Blame Game

a situation in which people try to blame each other for something bad that has happened.

This is a game in which there are no winners.

Almost all unhappiness in life comes from the tendency to blame someone else.

Brian Tracey

I cannot say enough on the importance of making oneself happy because you are your own happiness. We can not blame others for our unhappiness.  When you leave your happiness in someone else’s hands, you’ll end up being dependent on them and when they leave you, you’ll become empty inside. For instance, the purpose of having a better half is so that you can share your happiness with them. You’re not supposed to depend solely on them to make you happy. 

When you blame others for what you’re going through, you deny responsibility and perpetuate the problem.  Stop giving your power away and start taking responsibility for your life.  Blaming is just another sorry excuse, and making excuses is the first step towards failure; you and only you are responsible for your life choices and decisions. 

Happiness means to be contented in life and to never take anything for granted. It’s important to not only appreciate your possessions but also the things you do not have. That’s because the things you don’t own could actually be beneficial to you. It’s not wrong to have dreams and aspirations in life, but don’t yearn for more than what you can handle.

The reverse is true too. You make your own misery, both are a choice. So ask yourself where you'd prefer to put your energy.

 Author Unknown.

It’s all well and good to have people in our lives that make us happy, but what happens when they are no longer there? Do not wait for a calamity to strike before you learn to be grateful. And remember to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you; it might be the last time you ever see them.

The next time you want to look for happiness, take a look at yourself in the mirror. That reflection is the one who is responsible for your happiness.

You don't need anyone else's permission to be happy. Your life is magnificent not because someone says it is, but because you choose to see it as such.

Ralph Marston


betty said...

So true we can't depend on others to make us happy, we need to find our own happiness. And indeed to always be grateful for what we have.


jack69 said...

BLAME is a poor substitute for happiness. Our world is filled with folks harboring BLAME. Just a few weeks ago I listened to a long story (second hand) of an expert carpenter who is aging and b lames everyone else for his lack of success. SAD

I enjoy being happy.


no one is completely happy or content around the clock. but we do the best we can with what we have to work with. "Do not wait for a calamity to strike before you learn to be grateful."

Mevely317 said...

"Blaming is just another sorry excuse."
Yes, ma'am! I've little patience for those who won't own their own misfortunes.
It's always GOOD to come here and be reminded how blessed we are ... if we'd just sit up and pay attention. (*smile*)