It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Monday, September 11, 2017

Chapter 9, Page 11, Book 17

9/11 Memorial Poem: Never Forget!

On a crisp Tuesday morning, with the sun shining bright,
Who could know that we soon would behold such a sight?

All our ears heard the rumble, all our eyes in a stare,
At the vision of horror, so high up in the air.

Could this be just a mishap, just a tragic mistake?
One could actually feel, the very ground shake.

Clear the streets! Step aside! The police must get through.
And the fire trucks wailing fully loaded with crews.

Then to everyone’s utter amazement and shock,
Yet another explodes, just past 9 o’clock.

People fled, women cried, thousands ran for their lives.
How could any come through this, how could any survive?

And the Bravest and Finest charged to save those in need.
We would soon know their valor, as they honored their creeds.

Then when none of us felt it could get any worse
The first tower succumbed and came crashing to earth.

Thousands glued to the tube, disbelief in their hearts
As the second gave way, then it just fell apart!

Those poor souls and their loved ones and their rescuers, too!
To our utter dismay there came even worse news.

The events that transpired on that day, what a pity.
Were not to take place just within New York City

Our great Pentagon’s structure was to suffer the hell
And the loss of so many who had served us so well.

And we soon all would learn of a Flight 93
All alone in the air where no cameras could see

They charged and they fought in a quest for control
Those brave souls gave their lives as they shouted, Let’s Roll”

Now the time since that day has flown by very fast
It’s now been years ago since that very first blast.

We’ve exacted some justice, more to come I am sure
And no matter the trials, we will surely endure.

As a land and a people we’re still strong and upright
But the battle’s not over and our troops must still fight.

Let us honor the fallen both at home and abroad
And their service and courage we still duly applaud.

And we think of the loved ones living on every day
With the hurt and the ache that just won’t go away.

So as we take pause, to remember and pray
Let us also take time to give thanks on this day.

May we always be brave, may our land be restored
Keep us safe in Your hands, we pray now, O Dear LORD

Author Unknown to me but greatly appreciated

Always remember and Never forget


betty said...

Good sad poem to sum up the horrors of that day. We will never forget.



a lovely tribute.

Rick Watson said...

A sad day in the history of our country.

Chatty Crone said...

I never want to forget it and I think the kids should see the videos in school every year.

Mevely317 said...

Our lives have been forever changed. Never forget!

jack69 said...

VERY GOOD, Thanks, I have never read that. True words. NEVER FORGET!