It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Chapter 8, Page 12, Book 17

Be a Positive Thinker
Pamela Owens Renfro

Remember. . . there is a deeper strength
and an amazing abundance of peace
available to you.
Draw from this well;
call on your faith to uphold you.
You will make it through this time
and find joy in life again.

Life continues around us,
even when our troubles seem to stop time.
There is good in life every day.
Take a few minutes to distract yourself
from your concerns--
long enough to draw strength from a tree
or to find pleasure in a bird's song.

Return a smile;
realize that life is a series of levels,
cycles of ups and downs--
some easy, some challenging.
Through it all, we learn;
we grow strong in faith;
we mature in understanding.
The difficult times are often
the best teachers, and there is
good to be found in all situations.
Reach for the good.
Be strong, and don't give up.

Just for today I will focus on the positive

Our best friend and our worst enemies are our thoughts.  A thought can do us more good than a doctor or a banker or a faithful friend.  It can also do us more harm than a brick.

Frank Crane

Many of us spend way too much time either focused on tomorrow or worrying about tomorrow because we want things to work out a certain way.

I can think of way too many occasions when I have definitely been guilty of this.  Sometimes, we just have to let go a little and trust that if we do everything we can and should today things will work out just as they should tomorrow.

Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive. 

Matt Cameron

There really is no need to worry about tomorrow or to focus too much on tomorrow. Our attention, and efforts are much better spent focusing on today.

Tomorrow will come and it will be whatever it is.

Today is here right now staring you in the face. 

You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind. 

Joyce Meyer

 There really is no need to worry about tomorrow when you are living today the right way.

Delete the negative; accentuate the positive!

 Donna Karan


betty said...

So many things to ponder with this one, Ma. So true with that quote from Frank Crane about focusing or worrying about tomorrow because we want things to work out a certain way. I need to live more in the moment and forget worrying about things that potentially might not even happen.


Mevely317 said...

Those words, "return a smile" ... yes! I'm always confounded when, at work, I smile at a stranger and say, "good morning/afternoon" and they either look away or don't acknowledge me. Doesn't happen often, but I no longer take it personally and just feel sorry for whatever it is they're going through.

For sure, I'm living proof of the line: "Our best friend and our worst enemies are our thoughts."


i like the advice to be postive and always smile. Added to it "Life continues around us,
even when our troubles seem to stop time."

jack69 said...

Being positive is reading the right stuff, that is why my visits are regular here at MA's house.
I am positive MOST of the time, but I do back slide at times.
Love from the coast of Virginia!