It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Chapter 7, Page 25, Book 17

Goodness Knows

Goodness knows that sometimes the greatest thing in the world is a smile from a child,
So Goodness laughs a lot.

Goodness knows that it's easier to break a child than to mend one,
So Goodness handles with care.

Goodness knows that everyone deserves a second chance,
And sometimes a third and fourth chance, too.

Goodness knows that we all need friends in this world,
So Goodness is determined to be friendly.

Goodness knows that only people count,
So Goodness never counts out people.

Goodness knows that life is sometimes lonely,
But we are never alone.

And when the sorrows of life are left unexplained, it's still not too much to bear,
For we can trust that Goodness knows.

for goodness sake

 For goodness sake, consider what you do.


Perhaps you have heard an exasperated parent tell their children, Oh be good for goodness sake!  Unfortunately mom and dad’s idea of goodness may be different from the child’s idea of being good!

I think that just being good for goodness sake is what we’re called to do.  Good things come to those who wait and who do good for others

Whatever we do always has, in part, the aim of making us feel good about ourselves. To achieve this, we have to think that what we are doing...that everything we do worthily we do for some good, or for Goodness' sake, and for the good of others.

One article I read said that, Believe it or not, we Americans have an obsession with goodness! We have a fixation with feeling good and looking good. We all want to feel good. There is certainly nothing wrong with that. I for one do not want to feel bad! On the other hand, we must admit that many of us have made a religion out of doing whatever it takes to feel good. Most of us also want to look good. Again, that is not a bad thing. Who wants to look bad or be embarrassed? So, we lose weight, buy flattering clothes, fix our hair, wear make up, etc. Should we be obsessed with goodness? Absolutely! It is just that we should, in the words of Alfred Lord Tennyson, Hold thou the good; define it well.

John Wesley’s rule was, Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the way you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can

Goodness is the only investment which never fails. 

Henry David Thoreau

Anything good endures forever and we need only ask ourselves constantly whether the manner in which we intend spending the next hour is good.

As Shakespeare asked in As You like it, Can one desire too much of a good thing?


betty said...

I liked that quote from John Wesley and that poem at the beginning about goodness. I think I would rather do good than want to feel good; I think doing good would mean I'm helping others and that would be of benefit to not only then, but me too :)



like the shakespeare quote. and this one too "Goodness knows that only people count,
So Goodness never counts out people."

jack69 said...

In all my life I have never actually thought of what mama was saying, for goodness sake.

I like this, for goodness sake! ;-)

Mevely317 said...

That's right. Entire industries are born by our obsession with feeling good and looking good. Cute, up to a point.
Frankly, I'm weary. It's wonderful to have modern technology for the asking ... but really, to a point. All things in moderation, please. For goodness sake. (LOL)