It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Friday, May 26, 2017

Chapter 5, Page 26, Book 17

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts

Eleanor Roosevelt

In the morning when I rise…

I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning… 

 John Boynton Priestley

In the early quiet of each morning I say a prayer, read my devotionals and give thanks for a new day and have a little coffee. : )  I’ve always loved the early morning, even though I’m not a morning person.  I’m not a good conversationalist and not good company until I’ve had my quiet time.  

Having a large family at home for many years, led me to getting up earlier than they did.  Even when I worked I got up at least a half hour early.  The quiet early morning when I rise is the starting point of my day and if I don’t get that time, things never go as well.  

I need those moments to check in with myself.  To think about what is on the agenda for the day.  Being retired, they are even times I need to remember what day it is.  It’s true what they say about retirement making you feel like every day is the weekend.  But it’s not the weekend yet and there is things that need to be done before then.

Rise early, reap the rewards

The minute we wake up, we can choose to get out of bed and make the most of our day or press the snooze button, roll over, pull the blankets over our head, and feel dread about the day ahead. This is nobody's choice but ours.

Whatever it is that we intend to do each day, we need be clear about what it is you want your day to be.  We are what we think.  Since we have total control over our thoughts, we also have the power to start our day on a super positive note each and every day.

Old times never come back and I suppose it's just as well. What comes back is a new morning every day in the year, and that's better. 

George E. Woodberry


betty said...

I too like my quiet time in the morning. I don't like being rushed through it either. So true we have the choice of how we will approach the new day.


jack69 said...

My quiet time is at night. I was never an early person by nature, but of course was one by habit. My girl is an early morning person (or used to be,LOL_)

Good post, sweet information.

Rick Watson said...

I am more creative in the morning. By day's end, my head is full.