It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Monday, June 27, 2016

Chapter 6, Page 27, Book 16

You probably know this, but in case you don’t, I am so thrilled to give you the good news, you select your thoughts.

You didn’t select your birthplace or birthdate. You didn’t select your parents or siblings. You don’t determine the weather or the amount of salt in the ocean. There are many things in life over which you have no choice. But the greatest activity of life is well within your dominion. You choose what you think.

You are the air traffic controller of your mental airport. You occupy the control tower, directing the mental traffic of your world. If a thought lands, it is because you gave it permission. If it leaves, it is because you commanded it to do so. You select your thoughts.

Excerpt from devotional by Max Lucado

June 27th - I’ve been thinking

Your thoughts have great power.  Remember always that you have the ability to decide what they will be.

Ralph Marston

Your thoughts have power. Don't allow them to lead you the wrong way.  We do get to choose just what it is that we think about.  

Changing your thoughts can change your life.  If all you think about is what is wrong with the world, you find the world does have a lot of wrongs, but if you change your thoughts to what a wonderful world it is you’ll find there is a lot of wonder in the world.

I’d always thought of myself as an optimistic and positive thinking person until the death of my husband some 20 years ago. Then things started changing for me. My thoughts went south and it took a long time for them to return.  There were days that all I thought about was what had gone wrong in my world until I got so tired of negative thinking, that I had to changed my thoughts.  A thoughtful friend even mentioned that they never knew I could be such a negative person.  I needed a change. Over time I learned that when a negative thought started to creep into my mind, all I had to do was think about something good. Like a light bulb brightening up a dark night.  Thoughts can change us.

It made a big difference!  The dark sorrowful days turned to bright and sunny ones as I discovered there was still much in my life to be thankful for and I now I have more good days than bad ones.

No matter what happens in your life, you can control your thoughts. I know I’ve shared this before, but I’ve been thinking that maybe there was someone else that need to hear this.  You can change your mind and change your thoughts.

Be careful what you think because your thoughts run your life

Proverbs 4:23


betty said...

It is hard sometimes to change our thoughts especially when going through sad or bad times, but it is necessary for us to do that if we want to enjoy life. Seems like you did a good transition to coming back to being a more optimistic grateful person after the sadness of losing your husband at such a young age.


jack69 said...

You always have a good post. But this one is my favorite as of today. Sherry and I often say to each other how blessed we are to still have each other. We speak of you, my sister and others who live life after the loss of a mate. We try to lift each other up, knowing that one day unless in an accident where we both are taken, ONE OF US WILL BE LEFT, that is a fact of life, BUT what we do not know is how we will handle it. I hope we can remember the positive words from people like you who have gone the road before us.
From my heart, THANKS for more insight!


How you turned your life around is inspiring. I agree, "Like a light bulb brightening up a dark night.Thoughts can change us."

steppingoutshiningthrough said...

Good insight! We are the air controller of our minds. The book of Proverbs & Max Lucado's books are what gives me sanity to life.