It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Monday, May 09, 2016

Chapter 5, Page 9, Book 16

May 9th - Life is a learning process and believe it or not, we can learn some things from the game of baseball. 

I recently attended the opening day for one of my grandson's t-ball games and it got me to thing that life is very much like a baseball game.  Baseball, like life, has no clock. No time limit or sudden death overtime. You know there is an end to the game, but never exactly when, just like life. You might be way behind in the score, but can rally and come back to survive another inning or even win in the end. In baseball, like life, we often fight the hardest in the last inning of the game.

In baseball, like life, you get multiple chances to succeed. During nine innings you should get four at bats, and you get four balls and three strikes and whole bunch of foul balls. 

As in life, we often have many more failures than successes. But in baseball, like life, it’s those failures that make us better and stronger to be a better competitor the next day.

There are three types of base players: those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happens. 

Tommy Lasorda 

And I would say that’s true of most things in life. By lack of genuine effort. Many things in life are lost just because we don’t do anything about them. Doing nothing will accomplish nothing.


betty said...

These were very good perspectives, Ma, comparing baseball to life. So true how baseball isn't set by time and games can go long or short. Also too with the chances we have with baseball with strikes, balls, and outs and how we have those same things in life. Very wise here!



I love this analogy. "You might be way behind in the score, but can rally and come back to survive another inning or even win in the end."

jack69 said...

YOu done good with this comparison! Love it. Thanks, a very good read!

shortybear said...

great post