It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Monday, August 24, 2015

Chapter 8, Page 24, Book 15

My Cup Has Overflowed

I've never made a fortune, and it's probably too late now.
But I don't worry about that much, I'm happy anyhow
And as I go along life's way,
I'm reaping better than I sowed.
I'm drinking from my saucer,
Cause my cup has overflowed.

Haven't got a lot of riches,
and sometimes the going's tough
But I've got loving ones all around me,
and that makes me rich enough.
I thank God for his blessings,
and the mercies He's bestowed.
I'm drinking from my saucer,
Cause my cup has overflowed.

I remember times when things went wrong,
My faith wore somewhat thin.
But all at once the dark clouds broke,
and the sun peeped through again.
So Lord, help me not to gripe,
about the tough rows I have hoed.
I'm drinking from my saucer,
Cause my cup has overflowed.

If God gives me strength and courage,
When the way grows steep and rough.
I'll not ask for other blessings,
I'm already blessed enough.

And may I never be too busy,
to help others bear their loads.
Then I'll keep drinking from my saucer,
Cause my cup has overflowed.

John Paul Moore

August 24th - overflowing with love

To keep love brimming in the loving cup, when you're wrong admit it and when you're right shut up!
Ogden Nash

Brimming : To be full to the brim, often to overflowing

Sad but true. too often we focus too much on the cup and not what’s inside. Sometimes we don’t realize how much we have until you stop comparing  ourself to others. Life is not about what we have, but rather the life that we create with what we have been given.

Most days here my cup is overflowing, my cup of blessings that is.  A cup is a rich symbol of life, with it emptiness and fullness, its brokenness and flaws, and all of its blessings.  My cup overflows with joy!

Life is like a cup of Tea, it's all in how you make it!


betty said...

I liked that poem, it is good to have a life that has a cup that overflows and I do believe you have that type of life Ma!


jack69 said...

I LOVE the poem. John Paul wrote like I remember poetry from school, it Rhymes. hahahahaah.
I am so thankful that I am drinking from my saucer!

Like the entry so very much.

Love from NC
PS: LIfe is good. Grand daughter's refrig on the blink. It was simple to fix, just straighten one fan blade, and it is as good as new. I love it when things that look bad, are simple. Yep Life is good.