It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Chapter 7, Page 30, Book 16

 I see the moon, the moon sees me
The moon sees somebody I want to see 
 So, God bless the moon and God bless me 
 And God bless the 'Somebody' I want to see…

July 30 - Love, a connection that defies distance

I have a large family and many of them live far away.  There are also a few of my loved ones who have died, but no matter who or where they are,  I feel as if my loved ones are always just as close to me as my heart because it is there that I keep them.

My mother loved robins and each time I hear a bird chirp, I think of her.  The sight of a butterfly, the feel of a breeze or raindrops, or the scent of flowers often remind me of a special someone. The pink glow of sunset or perhaps the warming oranges of sunrise is one of my favorite times to send a thought on the wing of a prayer. And knowing that we can all see the sun, the moon, and an array of twinkling stars when we look to the skies, the monthly full moon is a special time to connect with our loved ones, or the first star you see each night, knowing that they, too, are gazing into the night sky and sending love. 

So many little things remind us of those we love and help keep us connected.

Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight
 Someone's thinking of me and loving me tonight ...

song by James Horner, Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, which originally appeared in the 1986 animated film An American Tail 


betty said...

That is so true, Ma, that there are things around us that help us remember those we have loved and are gone. When I smell certain smells (usually of people's cooking) it makes me think of my mom.


jack69 said...

I never heard the little ditty about the moon that way. I like that version. Yes our senses do connect with people and objects and scenes we have know or seen. The memories they bring up are a blessing. I did enjoy this one, too!

Chris K in Wisconsin said...

I have always heard that when a cardinal comes to your yard, it is a loved one who has passed come to visit. I talk to each one I see,,,,even if I am in the house and see them in the feeder! :-) I don't want to miss the chance to chat!! Recently I read that if you find a feather in your yard that is also a loved one who left a gift. Makes me happy!!