It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Monday, January 12, 2015

Chapter 1, Page 12, Book 15

January 12th - Heart to Heart 

The biggest disease this day and age is that of people feeling unloved.

Author Unknown

One simple way to keep your heart open to love is to be grateful. Get a pen and a piece of paper. Count your blessings. Write down what you are grateful for. For example:

I am grateful for the gift of life to experience how to live, love, learn, and grow.
I am grateful for the all the challenges I face and all the mistakes I've made. The experiences have taught me to become wiser and stronger.

I am grateful for those who hurt me because they teach me to be compassionate, loving, and forgiving. 

There are many things in life to be grateful for. A heart that is filled with love and gratitude is a powerful magnet of love. When you are grateful, you are happier

We could quickly add a lot of celebration time to our lives if we would take the time to give thanks when God does amazing things for us. An attitude of gratitude shows a lot about the character of a person. It keeps God first, knowing that He is the source of every blessing we receive. Gratitude is never about feeling entitled, it’s an attitude that says, I know I don’t deserve God’s goodness, but I am sure grateful for it.

Love is a celebration of life !


jack69 said...

It must be a terrible feeling to feel 'UNLOVED'. It is even hard to picture, but I do know some eople feel like that. SAD

betty said...

So true with your line "gratitude is never about feeling entitled, its an attitude that says I know I don't deserve God's goodness, but I am sure grateful for it". I think it is wise to start the day remembering all we have is because God has given it to us or allowed us to have it. That makes me appreciate it so much more better I think.



Gratitude is a good word to use for this new year.

Buttercup said...

One of the things we've been discussing in the class on prayer that I'm taking is to begin our prayers with thanks. Definitely keeping this in mind.