It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Chapter 9, Page 2, Book 14

I read this article and thought it well worth sharing…Reflections on youth and the kitchen table

You know that, forsooth, our problem with youth, Untidy, ill mannered, untamed and uncouth, Is the fact that their home life is so often unstable And it's all for the lack of a kitchen table. 

Remember how once we would sit down as one, And Dad would say grace when the carving was done. 
Our own serviettes from our own special rings, And we all knew our manners and etiquette things. 
Then our elders would tell us of custom and fable, When we all sat about at our kitchen table. 

Now they're building new mansions with four car garages. 
Our working lives mortgaged to interest and charges. 
There's less time at home for the tea to be made, And it's seldom today that a table is laid. 
There's room after room under gable and gable, But there's not enough room for a kitchen table. 

At weekends the parents are chauffeurs unpaid, No wonder they're tired and their tempers are frayed, As they ferry their broods to arenas of sport, Where the culture of winning's intensively taught, And there's more on the tele both free and by cable, So there's no room for talk around the kitchen table. 

...So we grandparents must, just as long as we're able, Keep our culture alive around the kitchen table.


linda m said...

You are right - that article is worth sharing. And everything in it is so true. Thanks for sharing. Blessings

Martha said...

Very well worth sharing! We have always made time for our kitchen table and the traditions that goes with it, and what a huge difference it's made!

jack69 said...

SWEET, yes, I can remember the time sitting at the kitchen table and talking to, while watching mama go through the rituals of preparing a meal. What a joy mama was. It seemed a labor of love and I could feel it really was.
You done well, good post...

betty said...

Lots of wisdom in that article, Ma. I agree about the benefits of sitting around the table enjoying meals together. We tried to make it a big priority when the kids were young and even now sit at the table instead of in front of the TV, etc. Memories are made around tables, I do believe.


Rose said...

This was a great SHARE.

Living alone now, that is one thing I miss is sitting around the table with my large family sharing stories of the day and enjoying Mama's great food that she prepared from scratch every day.


Yes there is something to be said about what transpires at the kitchen table.