It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Chapter 9, Page 13, Book 14

If you can recognize the need for improvement,
things are already improving.

Author Unknown

I’m always looking for little ways that I can improve.  Just because I’m older doesn’t mean that there aren’t some things in my life that don’t need improvement.  All we have is today to choose what we will do, what our character reflects, and how we will live our lives.

I did a little search on the simple ways we could all improve our lives and here are just a few of things I found:

Believe in the values that compose who you are and never allow others the power to strip that from you.

Don't hold back your laughter in life. Smile at the silly antidotes that make life amusing. Laugh loud and genuinely. Give those bursts of joy all you have because you only have so many.

Laugh at yourself.

Stop complaining. Whenever you catch yourself complaining about anything, stop yourself.

Pray more or start praying if you aren't already

Be thankful for what you have, not envious of what you don't have

Keep criticism to yourself

Give sincere compliments

Be positive.  Our attitude towards just about anything is an indicator of future results.

These are just a few of the hundreds of simple ways to make improvements.  There were many more to be sure.  It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but we can all do something every day that improves our life.  I want to live life fully and any help I can get is always appreciated.

Continuous improvement is not about the things you do well, that’s work. Continuous improvement is about removing the things that get in the way of your work. The headaches, the things that slow you down, that’s what continuous improvement is all about. 

Bruce Hamilton


Scrappy quilter said...

So very true. I agree we can always improve ourselves and learn every day. It would be so sad if at our age we stopped doing so. I love that I've learnt that in my older years. And I love how much it has changed me.

Mevely317 said...

After a rock-n-roll workday yesterday, I SO needed to read your first suggestion -- and believe in it. I'm weary.

Thank you, Ma!

betty said...

I agree Ma, I think we can always improve no matter how old we may be. I do like that list of suggestions on ways to go about it too!


Hollie said...

Great ways to improve indeed!! I need to practice a few of those myself. Thanks for sharing!!


I love the idea of sprinkling a little silliness into your life. I think it makes for a happier you.

jack69 said...

I always like your outlook of course, and the lead in quote is so simple, it nearly escapes you. THANKS.

I am usually pretty good at not criticizing someone, except myself.
Love from North Carolina, WE ARE in a heavy rain....