It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Chapter 9, Page 11, Book 14

9/11, We shall never forget, we shall keep this day, we shall keep the events and the tears in our minds, our memory and our hearts and take them with us as we carry on!

Prayerful Rememberance of 9/11

Each anniversary of this tragic day, I make a habit to set aside a substantial amount of time for myself to pray. 
For me prayer stands at the heart of this day.  I pray for those who lost their lives in 9/11, as well as for their families and friends who continue to mourn the loss of those with whom, just one day earlier, they had walked and talked; for those who, in ways known and unknown, selflessly reached out to victims and survivors alike; for those brave first responders, fire fighters and physicians, police and military personnel and officials, clergy and counselors and coworkers, who brought comfort and hope to friend and stranger alike; and for everyone still struggling to make sense of that which, by nature, is senseless.

We pray then for healing
for all the people whose lives
were shattered in the attacks.
We pray for those who defend our freedom.
We pray for wisdom for our national leaders.
We pray for peace, for our country and our world.

I’ll be hanging my Autumn wreath on my front door in honor of today and will remember...


jack69 said...

A day certainly that will live in infamy. Such a terrible mean and uncivilized act...

Plans of twisted minds.

Thanks for some prospective...

Yep, autumn is arougn the corner down here. We are safe in our nest..

betty said...

What a lovely thing to do, Ma, with the extra praying for today. Certainly the prayers are needed for all that you pray for. I think hanging an autumn wreath is fitting for a day like today.



A wonderful tribute to 9/11.