It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Chapter 6, Page 7, Book 14

No Excuse Sunday

Dedicated to missing church attendees! 

To make it possible for everyone to attend church this Sunday, we are going to have a special 'No Excuse Sunday': 

Cots will be placed in the foyer for those who say, Sunday is my only day to sleep in.

There will be a special section with lounge chairs for those who feel that our pews are too hard. 

Eye drops will be available for those with tired eyes from watching TV late Saturday night. 

We will have steel helmets for those who say, The roof would cave in if I ever came to church. 

Blankets will be furnished for those who think the church is too cold, and fans for those who say it is too hot. 

Scorecards will be available for those who wish to list the hypocrites present. 

Relatives and friends will be in attendance for those who can't go to church and cook dinner, too. 

We will distribute 'Stamp Out Stewardship' buttons for those that feel the church is always asking for money. 

One section will be devoted to trees and grass for those who like to seek God in nature. 

Doctors and nurses will be in attendance for those who plan to be sick on Sunday. 

The sanctuary will be decorated with both Christmas poinsettias and Easter lilies for those who never have seen the church without them. 

We will provide hearing aids for those who can't hear the preacher and cotton for the ears of those who think he's too loud! 

Hope to see you there!

Author Unknown

Day 50 of 50. Discuss why Sunday is holy. Decide how you can keep the Lord’s Day . Wear red on Pentecost. All red

Sundays are a day of rest here at my house.  After church services in the morning and maybe a nap in the afternoon, we might have a family diner but for the most part it is a day of rest.  Everyone needs rest, and if we go too long without it, we will suffer physically and emotionally. We also will be unable to carry out our responsibilities as well as we should. 

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. 

 Ferris Bueller

Tomorrow, Sunday June 8th, is Pentecost Sunday, which marks the end of the Easter season, it celebrates the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles.

I truly hope that my reflections on Eastertide have somehow helped you to fully realize what an amazing thing it is to be an Easter Person.  I know I’m far from perfect and work hard on trying to make my life better every day, a life of faith and hope.  These reflections have helped me too.

Remember that every Sunday is a ‘Little Easter’.  I’ll be wearing red all day tomorrow. It’s the color that represents the Holy Spirit.   It’s important to me to let everyone see my true colors.  

Today I’m thankful for:

1739. for life in the slow lane which enables us to see a lot more
1740.  for our local, state and national park systems
1741. for farmers markets, close to home, that provide fresh produce 

To avoid a breakdown, take a break for rest and prayer.



Life does move by really fast. I agree you have to slow down and enjoy the view.

betty said...

That is a nice suggestion to wear red tomorrow, Ma; I'll have to see what I have in red. Like I think I said yesterday, I have enjoyed your Easter reflections. Also enjoyed that No excuse Sunday.

I do enjoy our Sunday afternoons of rest.


jack69 said...

I got a red button.....

I really did get some smiles from what mr. Unknown wrote. He often does well.
Enjoy Pentecost Sunday and I hope you are Blessed. Of course you will be. You are a very positive dudess.
Is that feminine for Dude?

Love from North Carolina.