It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Chapter 6, Page 14, Book 14

What do I want to take home from my summer vacation?  Time.
The wonderful luxury of being at rest.  The days
when you shut down the mental machinery that keeps life
on track and let life simply wander.  The days when you
stop planning, analyzing, thinking and just are.
Summer is my period of grace.

Ellen Goodman

Summertime and the livin’ is easy…

A state of mind…

Summer is a natural phenomenon, yet it is also a state of mind: The world is again full of possibilities, joys and pleasures.  Slowing down, being lazy, is more of a state of mind…a way to refuel and take some time to just go where the wind blows and unclog our minds from the months of road dust that our more hurried lives had deposited.  I think most of us look forward to summer.  And for me after surviving the worst winter ever means we'll have the best summer ever.

The heat and the humidity that summer often brings gives us a healthy excuse to slow down for a spell.  Since I now live life in the slow lane, I can tell you from experience it is a wonderful place to be.

In the slow lane you see everything with a greater perspective.   Leading a slow life means having the capacity to live and work with focus, ease, and a sense of direction, while still achieving your goals.  When you choose a pace of life rather than having life choose it for you, you are able to live more fully in the present.

If you’re waiting for the perfect opportunity, wait no longer. This day is the best opportunity you’ve ever had, because it is when you can take action and move forward.

Ralph Marston


Hollie said...

The slow lane sounds wonderful to me!! I do not like the hurried pace of life now days!! I hope you don't mind me sharing this!! Have a wonderfully slow day!!

jack69 said...

I like your attitude and verbalizing of the 'slow lane'. Even though I do work, having no real dead line and no one looking over my shoulder to push, I do consider this the slow lane because it is FUN.
Love the quotes as always...


You are so right about summer being a state of mind. It is, indeed.

betty said...

I agree with summer being a state of mind too and finding a time to be lazy in the hot and humid days of it. I know I'm already on the look out for lots of cool tasting recipes like salads and sandwiches for the summer approaching.