It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Chapter 11, Page 28, Book 13

The Old Fashioned Thanksgiving
Edgar Albert Guest, 1881-1959

It may be I am getting old and like too much to dwell
Upon the days of bygone years, the days I loved so well;
But thinking of them now I wish somehow that I could know
A simple old Thanksgiving Day, like those of long ago,
When all the family gathered round a table richly spread,
With little Jamie at the foot and grandpa at the head,
The youngest of us all to greet the oldest with a smile,
With mother running in and out and laughing all the while.

It may be I'm old fashioned, but it seems to me today
We're too much bent on having fun to take the time to pray;
Each little family grows up with fashions of its own;
It lives within a world itself and wants to be alone.
It has its special pleasures, its circle, too, of friends;
There are no get-together days; each one his journey wends,
Pursuing what he likes the best in his particular way,
Letting the others do the same upon Thanksgiving Day.

I like the olden way the best, when relatives were glad
To meet the way they used to do when I was but a lad;
The old home was a rendezvous for all our kith and kin,
And whether living far or near they all came trooping in
With shouts of Hello, daddy! as they fairly stormed the place
And made a rush for mother, who would stop to wipe her face
Upon her gingham apron before she kissed them all,
Hugging them proudly to her breast, the grownups and the small.

Then laughter rang throughout the home, and, Oh, the jokes they told;
From Boston, Frank brought new ones, but father sprang the old;
All afternoon we chatted, telling what we hoped to do,
The struggles we were making and the hardships we'd gone through;
We gathered round the fireside. How fast the hours would fly--
It seemed before we'd settled down 'twas time to say good-bye.
Those were the glad Thanksgivings, the old time families knew
When relatives could still be friends and every heart was true.

Wishing you all a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving !

My Thankful List - Day 28

1172. for a special day set aside to remind us to be THANKFUL
1173. for pumpkin pie and apple crisp!
1174. for good memories I’ll never forget


Hollie said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving story!!

Happy Thanksgiving my friend!!

Chatty Crone said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Have a great one. sandie

jack69 said...

Ahhhh I love Edgar Guest, and tears did come as I read it. Memories of mama wiping her face with the apron, a sight I will never see again...

THANKS so very much.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

jack69 said...

Sherry just looked over at me and said, you just read MA didn't you! YES!



betty said...

Imagine what the author would think of our society these days with how much has changed since he wrote this story. Good story though and a good reminder for us to treasure our gatherings with our families, no matter when they occur.

Happy Thanksgiving Ma!


Buttercup said...

We had pumpkin pie and apple cake and we were delighted to see each other and spend the day talking and catching up. Hope you had a wonderful day!