It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Chapter 10, Page 26, Book 13

Amazing Grace! How sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me…

We hear the term  grace  a great deal.  We say, here but for the grace of God, go I, or we are asked to say grace over a meal.

The Bible uses the term to refer to God's unmerited favor to human beings.  Grace is the moment the flower blooms, the subtle harmony from a musical instrument, the sweet breeze of autumn, a relaxed breath.   Grace arrives as effortlessly as the falling leaves.  I can feel that grace the most when I stop trying to figure out life and just let it be. 

 I find that it's when I’m most unprepared that’s where grace kicks in. Every situation is different and I have grace in each moment.  Through life’s hardest moments and everything in between there’s grace. And grace is enough.

Grace is a gift.  God's grace is sufficient for every moment of every day. And we all need it.

Cherish every moment of your life.

Courage is grace under pressure. 

 Ernest Hemingway



In conversation you always used to hear the word, gracefully. Now you seldom do.

betty said...

I am thankful for God's grace. Interesting quote of Ernest Hemingway! hope it is a great Saturday Ma!


jack69 said...

Grace is a gift. God's grace is sufficient for every moment of every day. And we all need it.

so very true.

On a light side, My dad used to say he had more grace than most. (Mom's name was Grace, (smile))

JeanJournal said...

(((((((....."But for the grace of God".....many times I would have not survived (or really been born...for my mother was having strong labor pains and sent my dad to get the doctor...they came to the house back then in the 30's... and (my dad stopped at a friend's house, played cards all night with them)
the neighbor next door was a MIDWIFE and I was born at home...then the doctor came for my mother was really about gone...THE GRACE OF GOD IS GREATER FAR THAN TONGUE OR PEN CAN EVER TELL~~~IT REACHES TO THE HIGHEST STAR AND TO THE LOWEST HELL...hymn~~~Jean(Rome Ga girl living in Calhoun