It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Chapter 9, Page 5, Book 13

I wish.....

I wish I were big enough to honestly admit all my shortcomings.
I wish I was tall enough to tower above all negativity.
I wish I was strong enough to treasure love.
I wish I could believe that I am making a difference.
I wish I was brave enough to welcome criticism.
I wish I was compassionate enough to understand people's limitations and human frailties.
I wish I was wise enough to know how precious my blessings are.
I wish I was humble enough to admit when I've made a mistake.
I wish I was human enough to forgive someone who has hurt me.
I wish I was enthusiastic enough to get the really important things done each day.
I wish I could pray for those who need some help today.

Many of these are not just wishful thinking and many of them are within our reach.

The wishes above were part of my devotionals yesterday and I thought there were good ones to have so I'm sharing them with you all today. I only wish I could write something like this on my own.  One thing I know that I can do is pray for those who need some help today.  I already know of at three people I'm praying for and before the day ends, there will probably be more.  

Wishing is something we all do.  But making those wishes a reality is sometimes a hard thing to do.  I am working on appreciating my many blessings and have been listing at least 3 every day this year.  I'm now up to 900+ and know that there have been many more that should have made the list too.

Trying to tower above negativity is something I'm working on too and that is proving harder than I thought.  Our attitudes are everything.  I can wake up each day with a desire to make it a good one, but sometimes negativity can drag me down.  One thing I try always to remember is that even though it may not be a good day, there is something good in every day and I'm always looking for it.

This brings a wish your way for Good health and happiness. Not for just today but every day.

 ... and may all the wishes you wish come true! 

Irish Blessing



LOVE the wishes poem. I can totally relate to it.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Great "Wish List!"

JeanJournal said...

MORE WONDERFUL WORDS from you~~THANK YOU!!! ah yes Ma~~we have tons of wishes and just have to put 'feet' on them to make a difference in someone's life & dear lady YOU make a difference in the lives of MANY each day. (Jean(Rome Ga girl living in Calhoun IONL

Buttercup said...

It's a great thought. I know I am be more appreciative of walking, and certainly grateful for my sneaker and my black boot as I walked around today.

betty said...

You have been very faithful with your blessing list for the year, Ma! It is hard to not let negativity seep in, especially when someone is going through a rough time. I heard a recent sermon that the preacher said to resolve at the beginning of the day to be "of good cheer". I've been trying that and I do notice a difference (slight) in my attitude at times :)


Chatty Crone said...

You know I wish I could tell people all the thing - but - who would care????