It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chapter 9, Page 18, Book 13

I grew up to always respect authority and respect those in charge. 

Grant Hill

The quote above may have been made by Grant Hill, but it reflects my feelings as well.  I did grow up respecting those in authority. I was taught to obey my parents and teachers and really any adult that I knew.  

Those in authority often get bad rap these days. Children don’t like authority, teenagers hate authority, and adults reluctantly learn to live with it. 

Whether it is those in our family, our local, state or federal governments, or in our work places, we all come under some kind of authority.   

 In my scripture studies the other day I was reminded to pray and even give thanks for people in authority over us. Authority, wisely used, can bring peace into our lives. 

Our actions and our attitudes toward authority make a big difference.  We can choose to pray for those with authority over us and bless them.  We can respond to situations that upset us with prayer for forgiveness and understanding.   

Please join me in praying for those in authority.  May they be wise and just.  Using their authority for the good of all.  

The family is the most basic unit of government. As the first community to which a person is attached and the first authority under which a person learns to live, the family establishes society's most basic values. 

Charles Caleb Colton


linda m said...

I would love to join you in prayer. I too was brought up to respect those in authority, my elders, etc. Times have changed but I can't say they have changed for the better. Blessings

Chatty Crone said...

I think we also need to pray for the young folks today that they learn to appreciate authority - they see it as something bad and it's really a good thing. sandie

betty said...

I do agree about respecting authority and I know of one of the scriptures that says to do so (Hebrews 13:17). I have to admit that I do have difficulty respecting some authorities in politics, I need to do better about praying for them indeed.


Hollie said...

I agree and will be praying also!!


As long as those in authority do not abuse their power. Unfortunately I have seen that happen.

JeanJournal said...

Pray for America~~It seems like our leaders in government are abusing their authority~~and some people say President Obama should be impeached~~Muslims are all around him and GOD KNOWS WHAT TO DO ABOUT ALL THIS~~2 CHRONICLES 7:14~~IF MY PEOPLE WHICH ARE CALLED BY MY NAME SHALL HUMBLE THEMSELVES AND PRAY AND SEEK MY FACE AND TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS~~THEN WILL I HEAR FROM HEAVEN AND WILL FORGIVE THEIR SIN AND HEAL THEIR LAND.

jack69 said...

Praying for those in authority is easy to forget when things do not go the way we want, but yes, it is still true.
I guess our generation as a whole did respect authority and adults. WE must not have done such a good job in teaching, although my kids DID respect authority, for some reason they have not passed it along.

Love from NC; Good stuff lady.