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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Chapter 8, Page 9, 2013

Summer 2013 TRAVEL LOG

Specially blended for travel…

I'm taking some small one day road trips all around and about Ohio.  There really is a lot to see and before summer ends, I'd really like to do a few things besides sit on the porch.  So the blog entries here after are going to be a travel log of sorts.

The first trip out we started touring the Lincoln Highway.  Ohio's portion of the Lincoln Highway was designated an historic byway in 2004.   I believe it starts somewhere in New York and ends in California.  The Lincoln Highway cuts across the entirety of Ohio. Realigned multiple times over the years for smoother, faster, and safer travel, parts of the initial road still exist. Some places exhibit several generations of alignments within yards of each other, containing surfaces like brick, stone, or macadam and varying roadbed widths. The road itself fosters a sense of history

Original brick road - on Historic Lincoln Highway off or Route 30

We were rerouted off and on Route 30 in many spots so we could see the original roads.  

This is only one of a few Ohio byways that I hope to travel before the bad weather sets in. The Lincoln Highway in Ohio combines history that predates Ohio's statehood with how America changed and grew with the advent of automobile travel.  Ohio State Route 30 replaced the original Lincoln Highway in more recent times, but a lot of it does still remain. 

We traveled the highway East to West beginning in East Liverpool, Ohio and ventured into West Virginia for just a short jaunt and will be ending up near Van Wert, a city in the western part Ohio.   I'll be taking lots of pictures of the sights along the way. 

 There are supposed to be a lot of historical makers and buildings to see and besides that, the byway is having a buy way this coming weekend.  A huge garage sale will be going on in most of the towns we'll visit along the way.  I'm hoping it'll will be of interest to you all.

Today's pictures were all taken by me.  We really didn't get to see all we wanted the first day due to heavy rains in places but I still got quite a few pictures.  More tomorrow...

Miles today just a little over 260...we had to go east quite a ways in order to start traveling west again.


Rose said...

I found your pictures very interesting especially the brick road!

Glad you are getting about and off the porch to view sites around your town.

jack69 said...

Okay, you have taught me something other than morals and morale. (smile) I never even heard of the Lincoln highway, but now I will look for it in the future. This is very interesting thanks.

(Hugs) from down in more of Ohio farm country.