It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Monday, July 08, 2013

Chapter 7, Page 8, Book 13

Grow old along with me! 
The best is yet to be, 
The last of life, 
For which the first was made; 
Our times are in His hand 
Who saith, A whole I planned, 
Youth show but half; trust God: 
See all nor be afraid!

Robert Browning

Specially blended for the present moment…

God doesn’t look at how much we do, but with how much love we do it. 

 Mother Teresa

  I've taken more pictures of the flowers here around my house than I ever have.  They are a constant delight to me.  As I watch one bloom another has begun to bud and so it has gone.  With all the rain, they are doing marvelously.  We can learn so many lessons from flowers, plants and nature.

If there is such miracles within flowers, it helps me trust there can be miracles in life.   Seeing buds near blossom reminds me of believing in ourselves. Buds simply do their thing, blossoming in perfect time, bursting into flower.  Buds provide the promise of what is to come.

Gratitude is a flower blooming in my heart, filling me with life and love. When I spend time being being grateful, I water that flower and keep it living.

Notice the life cycle of flowers and plants. Flowers bloom and then they die.  This fragile life, is merely a loan to us until we too fall... One thing is certain and that is the fact that every day in every way we are growing older.  What we have to enjoy today may not be here tomorrow.  

ENJOY every moment!

Life is fragile, handle with prayer. 



I LOVE that Robert Browning quote. So poignant.

linda m said...

Great quote from Robert Browning. Blessings

jack69 said...

When something is a joy, it is hard not to snap a picture to try to hole the moment.
Been missing a lot of this.
Thanks and sending love from NM.

Chatty Crone said...

I agree with you Pam - when I see flowers I think about miracles too - and I know that Jesus loves and cares for us. sandie