It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Monday, March 04, 2013

Chapter 3, Page 4, Book 13

What is Hope?

 Hope is knowing that a positive outcome awaits.
 Hope is not only expecting a dream to come true, but having a deep assurance that it's within your reach.
Hope is saying you can.
Hope is knowing that you can improve and that you always get better with practice. 

 Hope is knowing that you can achieve your goals through hard work and persistence. 

Hope is looking to the future with joy and having an expectation of better things to come.
 Hope is the knowledge that life is everlasting, and that miracles happen every day.
Hope is something that never abandons you. Even when your life is filled with sadness and disappointment, a spark remains inside to help you get through the rough times.
Hope is one of God's greatest gifts to you, because it's the magic that inspires you to keep trying, learning, loving, and living.

Author unknown 



to cherish a desire with anticipation

to desire with expectation of obtainment

I think that when we keep hope alive, then hope keeps us alive.  I often find myself saying, I hope you have a wonderful day to the people I meet. I hope you are feeling better.  I hope you are well.  I hope things turn out for the best.  I'm hoping that Spring comes soon.  Hope is a big part of my life it seems.   Where would we be without it? 

When the world says, Give up,
Hope whispers, Try it one more time.

Author Unknown

Our hopes, our dreams and our wishes are so important.  If someone tells us not to get our hopes up about something, it squelches any dreams we may have had.  Hope is powerful and we don't ever want to take away the hope others may have.  

For me hope means the joyful expectation of something good from God.

You've gotta have hope.  Without hope life is meaningless. 
 Without hope life is meaning less and less.  

Author Unknown


linda m said...

I have HOPE and thank God every day for having it. Blessings

Chatty Crone said...

Hope is something God grace has given me over the years - I have been so blessed...

betty said...

I have heard too that without hope one has difficulty living and loses the will go live. I like the definition of hope you have here, Ma. I am trying to be more hopeful here myself!


jack69 said...

'twould be terrible to be 'without nope'. Thanks for the reminder.
We are cold but warming up they say...
((HUGS)) from down here...

Linda :) said...

Have only positive expectations... I like that... our store manager always replies to us when we say we hope we get all of our work done, that hope is a girl's name, not a retail strategy... :)