It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Chapter 3, Page 24, Book 13

Friendships come and go, but families are forever. 

Kenny Rogers



a group of individuals living under one roof and usually under one head

the basic unit in society traditionally consisting of two parents rearing their children

I am a mom and a grand'ma' to a very large family so today I'm telling a little bit about my family. Only a few of them live close by, but 5 of my children do live in Ohio and the other 2 live out of state.  Sometimes Ohio seems like a very big state.  It's hard being so far away from my children and I'm very thankful that some live nearby.  My family has grown to include 7 spouses,  all of my children are married, and 18 grandchildren.  As of right now we aren't expecting any new ones, but I've found that that can change.  

Even though some of my children say that I've forgotten every thing bad they've ever done, I do know that families are not perfect,  we all have skeletons.   I know mine does,  still they are truly the people in my life that tell me the honest truth when something is not right and I can count on them whenever I need help.

One of my son's asked me once how it was possible to love so many.  There is a little bit of magic in having a large family, your love just grows and grows.  They say that too much sun will burn you, too much rain, you’d drown, too much cold will freeze you, too much wind would blow you down. But love is something different, it disregards the rules.

 Whether you have ten children or one, as a mother, you will always give 100% of yourself.  Being a mom of adults is very different from being a mom of young children, just as being a grandmother is far different from being a mom.  Still I give 100 percent of my self to them all.  

All happy families resemble one another, but each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. 

Leo Tolstoy


jack69 said...

I am not normally an early bird like you, but we are up getting ready for church and it is raining 'cats and dogs' as mama used to say. They have been predicting this all week, and it finally made it.
I love to hear of your family. I like the explanation of yours about too much water, etc, but you cannot have too much love. SWEET.

I hope if the snow comes it will be short lived and spring will be upon you guys.


You have a lovely family. And there must be a lot of love to go around to touch each of them. You are so lucky. I come from a small family and there isn't the same kind of dynamic you have.