It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Friday, March 01, 2013

Chapter 3, Page 1, Book 13

March is a tomboy with tousled hair, a mischievous smile, mud on her shoes and a laugh in her voice.

Hal Borland



Full of fun and high spirits; frolicsome or sportive

I enjoy being around playful people.  They are a lot of fun.  Too many things in life are way too serious, and to have some fun and forget the cares of the day is a very good thing.  

When I watch my playful grandchildren I'm reminded just how good playing is for us. There is always lots to be learned from the young for sure. 

We live in a culture that adores busyness and abhors the opposite. But its that opposite that recharges your battery, allows you to reflect on life…and simply just be. Isn’t that enough sometimes?

The March winds will blow away winter and bring warmer days ahead.  That brings a SMILE to my face and some laughter too.


linda m said...

The March winds blowing away winter brings a smile to my face as well. Blessings

jack69 said...

At any age, PLAYFUL is good!

enjoyed the read. THANKS!
(((HUGS))) Stay warm, Spring is coming, isn't it? LOL

betty said...

I too like to be around playful people and I like to play with little ones; they can be so imaginative!! March indeed will bring in spring so very soon!


Martha said...

Believe it or not we are even having another cold spell here in Florida. I thought winter was long gone here already. I have a little sign on pinterest that says stop the glorification of busy - I so agree! Have a great weekend Ma :)

Chatty Crone said...

I do think March gives the signal that winter is over and spring is coming and that is a time of fun!