It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Monday, February 11, 2013

Chapter 2, Page 11, Book 13

Inspiration comes whenever it wants, even at the most unlikely times
and in the most inappropriate situations.  Often it arrives bit by bit.
Therefore it must be anchored, and this is where a most valuable
item makes its appearance: the notebook.

Piero Ferrucci

Word for Today:


To affect, guide, or arouse by divine influence.
To fill with enlivening or exalting emotion

When I saw the quote above, I though how true...   I do keep things that inspire me in a notebook of sorts.  I keep them right here on my blog.  I've listed all the names of things I write about on the sidebar of my journal and if you click on one of them it will take you to the post or posts where I've written about that subject.  

Now all I have to do is put in the name of what ever subject I want and it'll take me right there instantly.  

Occasionally the light bulb goes on and I even have an inspirational thought or idea all on my own.  I put those thoughts in this journal too.    Call it a notebook, a blog or a journal...they are all the same to me.  It is so much easier for me to jot things down and save them here for future reference.   I never know when I'll need to make a withdrawal from my inspirational bank and I'm very thankful that thanks to blogger it is very easy to do just that.  Maybe you'll want to start your own notebook.

Be inspired today!


linda m said...

My "light bulb" hasn't been working too well lately. I think it is in hibernation for the Winter. I do keep a daily Gratitude Journal. Blessings

Chatty Crone said...

I'll try - your words is a good way to start.

betty said...

Defintely will look for ways to be inspired today Ma!


jack69 said...

It is great to be inspired, but wonderful to be INSPIRATIONAL, that is the results of visiting here with MA!
Thanks.... Ah we have a most beautiful sunshine day, in the 80's already, but so should Florida be!