It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Chapter 1, Page 19, Book 13

The Chance for Change

The New Year brings the chance for change.
All of the things we can rearrange.
We start off fresh and eyes aglow.
We can make a new start is what we know.

We'll lose the weight, we say at last.
Trying to forget we've said that in the past.
I'll save some money is the new resolve
Anyone know what I'm speaking of?

More time with the kids, less time with TV.
This year I'm really going to work on me.
I'll tighten it up and get it in shape
My what a difference this year will make.

It's not really the resolution
That's not at all the real solution
It's not even the coming year
That will help you cut down on your beer.

The secret does not lie in January
The day of the year is not your adversary
The season does not make you pass or fail
You could do it in June just as well.

How many New Year's resolutions do we keep?
Most don't survive the second week.
If you want to succeed at whatever you say
You must make up your mind no matter what the day.

New Year or not, set your resolve
Show the world what you're made of
Set your goals and start them now
Get to pushing, get behind the plow.

You may not succeed at all the first time
You may fall off the wagon and get behind
The key is to try again, and try it soon
Whether it's January or whether it's June.

The chance for change is always there
As long as we're breathing God's precious air
Little is really out of your range
Just don't miss the chance, the chance for change.

Author Unknown

Little changes are being made here at my house this year.  The most important change is my budget.  That needs tightening up for sure!  The other changes, small as they seem, will hopefully help to make my life easier in the long run.  

Every day brings some changes into our lives.  Those little things that we don't plan on can make a big difference in our lives.  If something isn't working, we need to get rid of it and plan a new approach.  

I know that when the sun sets on one side of the world, it is rising on the other.  And when  I consider my life in this way, I can see my own sunsets from a new perspective. I can accept the changes in my life and allow what was once part of my life to pass and wait patiently for what is next.

If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it.  

Mary Engelbreit


jack69 said...

Everything is subject to change,that is a fact...
We see sunshine and the wind has died, may be some one will send Florida back. hahahaha She was gone for a couple days.

betty said...

I liked that poem; again so much wisdom in it. It is good to make small changes in what we do indeed. I know a lot of us will be working on making changes and tightening up budgets; seems everything continually goes up these days.

Enjoy the day!


Chatty Crone said...

I think being able to accept and adapt to change is critical to being able to live a long life!!! Have a good weekend. Sandie

Martha said...

Seriously thinking about making more than a few changes around here this year! Thanks for the inspiration as always Ma. Have a wonderful weekend!

Buttercup said...

My "change" project is the way I've been eating. Doing well so far and enjoying healthier foods. Skipped bread at lunch without a twinge. Wouldn't have done that a few weeks ago.