It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chapter 12, Page 11, Book 12

Your greatest power is the power to be.
To be more loving. To be more courageous
To be more joyous. To be more friendly.
To be more sensitive. To be more aware.
To be more forgiving. To be more tolerant.
To be more humble. To be more patient
To be more helpful.
To be a greater human being

Wilfred A Peterson
Author and Essayist

Tuesday, December 11th: LOVE

As I have loved you, so you also should love one another.

John 13:34

One of the desires of every human heart is to love and be loved.  When we are blessed with a soul mate, a best friend, someone who knows us inside and out and still loves us, we get a glimpse of what God’s love for us in like.  

It is a human tendency to look with favor on those who are well behaved, who are obedient, who are smart and intelligent, and generally those who have good qualities.

But those who are out-of-sync, out-of-step, those who seem to dance to a different tune, we tend to leave them aside, we tend to see them as problems.  But for God, the life of each and everyone of us is important.


linda m said...

Every person is precious, no matter who or what hey are or how they behave. God is Love

jack69 said...

You are so right, one of our desres is to LOVE (and be loved).
It fills our lives.
Over cast here, a little rain....
Move South tomorrow to Orlando..(not far)

betty said...

It is so easy to love those who are loveable and so hard to love those that don't quite fit our mold, but God does love those and care for those, and so we must make our best efforts to love them too :) (though it can be challenging at times, but we all know life is not meant to be easy :)


jack69 said...

You stated a FACT in capitol letters:

But for God, the life of each and everyone of us is important.

Thanks, Life is good.

Warm here today!!!