It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chapter 10, Page 30, Book 12

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nature's first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold,

Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.

Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,

So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

Robert Frost 

The storms of this week are blowing our leaves away.

All the oranges and yellows are fast disappearing.


Chatty Crone said...

I was thinking about poems when I read this one. Andy has to learn the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere - it is LONG! I wonder what value that has. I guess there is some. I like to ream poems like this - but we are having a time with the one he has.

jack69 said...

Love words written by Frost.

Yes that is a monstrous storm we too are feeling some winds. Thank God for our safety and praying for those not as fortunate.
Love from NC

betty said...

It makes you wonder where the leaves go when they blow away like that. A few years ago when we lived in Montana, there was a gusty wind storm on Halloween. It too blew all the leaves,but to where I do not know.