It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chapter 10, Page 24, Book 12


So little time to say the things
You'd really like to say -
Before you even find the words,
The time just slips away.

So little time to do the things
You feel that you must do.
So treasure, like the purest gold,
The time God's given you.

So little time to dream your dreams,
For youth has passed its prime,
And all too soon you realize
That there's ... so little time.

So little time to reach the height
To which you're bound to climb,
For swiftly pass the waning years,
And there's ... so little time.

So little time to pass regrets,
And less, to make amends,
Yet God can heal the deepest wounds
In chosen, cherished friends.

So little time to share God's love
And beauty here on earth,
And know, before His endless time,
Their meaning and true worth.

Oh, yes, there is so little time
To seek the hidden door
That opens up to heaven's time,
Where time's forevermore.

 Author Unknown

If only there were an extra hour in the day, we'd get more rest, read more books. But in our frantic world, it's hard to find even a minute 

I can’t do it all, nor can I be all things to all people.  None of us can.  At some point we all have to decide just what’s important in our lives.  We have to decide what really makes us tick.

Lord, for days that are sunny or gray we simply
want to say, Thank You! And for the daily grace
You give us in Your Son, may we always be faithful
to say, Thank You! You are so good to us.

When your heart speaks,
take good notes....


linda m said...

Thank you for todays post. God's blessings.

jack69 said...

Funny (strange) how we never realize how little time we actually have, until we lose a loved one, then I say, I wish I had said or done this or that.

We live with what time we use.
Good thinking entry as always.
Love for NC looks like a cool clear day here.

Sr. Ann Marie said...

So true! Sometimes it's hard to remind myself that I can do what I can do--and not feel guilty at what I can't do. I think convincing myself of that is a lifetime job!

betty said...

We always say "if we have more time" then we could get it all done. But I think even if there was that extra hour in our days, we still would be frantic trying to get it done and never doing so. I think God indeed gave us the exact right number of hours to use them wisely; we just need to find that balance to use time wisely and to manage our days with wisdom, something I always struggle with though!


Chatty Crone said...

I think we will be getting another hour soon and wonder how we will use it! LOL

It is hard in this society to slow down isn't it? I want too. I tell myself to slow down and I rush and rush.