It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Friday, August 31, 2012

Chapter 8, Page 31, Book 12

A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition.

William Arthur Ward

It's Friday y'all !  Let's celebrate making it through another week


The picture is our little Lucky Guy playing in the rain puddles on the deck of my camper a few weeks ago when they came out for a visit.  He loved the rain and had a lot of fun with what puddles he could find.  

The sun isn't going to shine every day of our lives and every day isn't going to be wonderful but I like to name my days and try and match my disposition with it.

Just saying the word FANTASTIC gives me a lift!

What you give is what you get. I am sure that everyone of us have heard those words uttered again and again in our lives. They remain age old words of wisdom that go back thousands of years. They go along with reaping what we sow and doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. What amazes me most about these wonderful words, though, is the truth that lies in them. I see this truth everyday in my own life.

Having enthusiasm for life and enjoying each day is something we can share with others and hopefully give their lives a lift too.

It's a fact that we all have some down times in our lives but we don't have to lay the burdens of them on everyone else and make their day a downer too.  Sharing the good and the joy is a day brightener and we all want everyone to have a sunny day.

Isn't it fantastic that we did what we had to do and got through another week!  It's worth celebrating for me!  Leo Buscaglia said  we should become the most beautiful, sensitive wondrous, magical, unique, fantastic person in the world, so that you can share that person with everyone, everywhere.  If you can do this then what you will get back will be so glorious and wonderful that you will never want to stop giving.  It is true that what you give is what you will get.

CELEBRATE with me, the best is yet to be!

I hope your Friday is a FANTASTIC one !.

'On Ya'-ma

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chapter 8, Page 30, Book 12

You've blessed me with friends and laughter and fun
With rain that's as soft as the light from the sun
You've blessed me with the stars to brighten each night
You've given me help to know wrong from right
You've given me so much, so please Lord give me too
A heart that is always Grateful to you.

THANKFUL Thursday!

It seems the days have flown by and it's Thursday again!  If you have ever heard the saying, the older you get the faster time goes, believe it!    It does!

Time, you know, is given to you. You spend it as you get it. I’m happy to have it and I’m happy to be given some.
I'm thankful for the quality time I get to spend with family and friends

This past week has been filled with some good times and even a very few bad times.  There have been quiet times and noisy ones too.  Happy times and times of sorrow.  It's all blended together to make for a great week and for that I'm thankful.

This is always the time of year when I tend to get a little melancholy and I'm thankful for all the wonderful memories that help me get through the days.  There are times in all our lives that are worth remembering and others that we'd like to forget.

It's family celebration time here at my house this weekend.  We'll gather to celebrate 2 birthdays.  Mr Wonderful is turning 2 and our little northern Belle will be turning 1.  It'll be a joyful time and I'm thankful for them and all my grandchildren that give so me so much happiness.

Hope you can take take some time to count your blessings today and have a THANKFUL Thursday.
When thanks to God becomes a habit, so joy in God becomes your life.
'On Ya'-ma

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chapter 8, Page 29, Book 12


Our Father knows what's best for us, so why should we complain.  We always want the sunshine but we know there must be rain...  We love the sound of laughter and merriment and cheer, bout our hearts would lose their tenderness if we never shed a tear...

Our Father tests us often with suffering and sorrow...  He test us, not to punish us, but to help us meet tomorrow for growing Trees are strengthened when they withstand the storm, and the sharp cut of the chisel gives the marble grace a form...

God never hurts us needlessly, and He never wastes our pain, for ever loss He sends to us, is followed by rich gain...
And when we count the blessings that God has so freely sent, we will find no cause for murmuring, and not time to lament... 

 For our Father loves His children, and to Him all things are plain, so He never sends us pleasure, when the soul's deep need is pain...

So whenever we are troubled and when everything goes wrong, it is just God working in us to make our spirits strong.

WONDERFUL Wednesday/ Wonderful life!

Often our world gets turned around.  Things never go just like our plans.  But one thing we can be sure of. We're safe in our Father's Hands...

I'm so glad that all the major decisions are out of my hands.  Our heavenly Father certainly takes care of things much better than I can.  I know I couldn't begin to make the decisions He does.  We can ponder till we are blue in the face trying to figure our why things are they way they are.

Yes, I do need to to my part, but ultimately the Father is in charge.  Each of us has many things to do in life. Someone has to do the grocery shopping, raise the children, cut the grass, earn some money, pay the bills and more.  Every day, even in the simple things, I find I need a lot of help.

One of the most comforting truths in the Bible is that the sovereign providence of God extends to the daily details of my life. He's concerned about me and you. His control extends over all our days, and He is able to work all things together for our good.

Every time I have ever dared to think that I have every thing in control, God must laugh and shake His head. I can just hear Him saying, One of these days you’ll learn, sweetheart.   He never scolds or punishes me.  He just lets me learn by my own experience, no matter how many times it takes.

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Wednesday

SMILE, God is in charge!

'On Ya'-ma

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chapter 8, Page 28, Book 12

May the rains sweep gentle across your fields,
May the sun warm the land,
May every good seed you have planted bear fruit,
And late summer find you standing in fields of plenty.

TERRIFIC 2's Tuesday

Rain certainly has been a subject dear to many of us this summer.  Many are suffering from the extreme draught and some are experiencing way too much rain.  There is even a hurricane threatening many in our southern states this week.  

We know that the weather is very unpredictable and if we're making plans you have to have other options, especially if they include outdoor activities.  Having a plan B is always a good thing. 

 Life really doesn't give us many certainties.  Living each moment as it comes and enjoying it means that no matter what the weather we can seize what life offers in the moment, and forge ahead, no matter the weather.

The morning sky tells me what the weather will be like each day, but it doesn't tell me what I'll do with comes my way.  

When I live in the moment, life is good.  I think one of the greatest ways we show our trust in God is by living life one day at a time. We prove our confidence in Him by enjoying today and not letting the concern of tomorrow interfere. 

Our stability rests on something more enduring than the current weather ...And that's the mental choice we make, every moment of every day

 Life happens in moments at a time.  Don’t miss out on life by tuning out the little things along the way.

That is my 2 for this Tuesday:  weather and attitude.

I hope you all have a TERRIFIC Tuesday!

'On Ya' - ma

Monday, August 27, 2012

Chapter 8, Page 27, Book 12

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine!
O what a foretaste of glory divine!
Heir of salvation, purchase of God,
Born of His Spirit, washed in His blood.

 This is my story, this is my song,
Praising my Savior all the day long;
This is my story, this is my song,
Praising my Savior all the day long.

Perfect submission, perfect delight,
Visions of rapture now burst on my sight;
Angels descending bring from above,
Echoes of mercy, whispers of love.

Perfect submission, all is at rest,
I in my Savior am happy and blest;
Watching and waiting, looking above,
Filled with His goodness, lost in His love.

Blessed Assurance was composed by two of the most prolific Christian hymn writers in history. The lyrics come from a woman with over 8000 hymns to her credit and the music comes from the organ of a lady with over 500 hymns to her credit. One day, Fanny Crosby was visiting her dear friend, Phoebe Knapp. She played a tune for Fanny and asked her afterwards, What does it say to you, Fanny? Her reply was simple: Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine. 

This hymn is still being played on the church organ in thousands of churches still today.  Fanny Crosby was blind and once said that with sight she'd have been too distracted to have written thousands of hymns.  Without Fanny's faith and Phoebe's organ songs such as Blessed Assurance would never have been written.  

I think our week will be a little better if we have a little faith and sing a song.  Keeping focused on what we can do and not get distracted worrying about what we cannot do. 

 Have a MERRY Monday everyone!  

'On Ya'-ma

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chapter 8, Page 26, Book 12

This is a picture of two of my grandsons, Our Little Lucky guy and Mr. Wonderful at fair yesterday.  They were having lots of fun being young artists.

GOOD MORNING !  It's Sunday!

It is interesting that one of our popular greetings is Good Morning. Somewhere along the way, someone realized that if we get started off right in the morning, we will have a good day.

No one plans on starting the day off on the wrong foot. The kind of morning we have can even set the pace for the whole day.  Not getting enough sleep and feeling tired in the morning can impact us all day. If you are getting enough sleep then you should wake up fairly easily when the alarm goes off. When we can get up early enough, we're not rushed and can easily get everything done that we need to in the morning.

 They both loved the tractors too.  I think it was their favorite.

Relax and take some time for yourself each morning.  Take a few minutes to relax and do your own thing.  Read the newspaper or whatever else helps you to relax and refocus.

Eating a good breakfast, which also helps us to control weight, is definitely another way to have a good morning.

If you're not having a good morning, change something.

 Rest and relaxation will help you to have a great morning, every morning.

I hope that your morning is off to a great start and that you have a wonderful Sunday!

As always you all are in my thoughts and prayers.

'On Ya'-ma

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chapter 8, Page 25, Book 12

One day, a centipede walked by a tree where a wise old owl was perched. The owl asked the centipede, You have so many legs! How do you know which one to move next?

The centipede froze in his tracks. He started thinking. He didn’t know which leg to move so he couldn’t move any. He cried to the owl, Help me! I’m stuck! The owl said, My little friend, you are stuck because you are too focused on yourself. When you are focused on what is going on in the world around you, you have no thoughts about how to move. You simply move.

The centipede looked out to the horizon and saw the sun setting. How beautiful, the centipede said. Just then, his legs were freed and he began to walk again.


Saturdays are the best of days, aren't they.  Not all weekends need to be busy nor do they need to be filled with work.  Weekends are a time to recharge your personal battery so that you can approach a new week feeling invigorated and positive.

I like to get up early on weekends as to not waste any precious time in bed.  Out of habit I'm an early riser anyway.  Everyday is a new opportunity and I don't want to miss out.  We're coming up on the end of August, and we're almost out of the dog days of summer. 

Taking the advice of wise old owl in the story above,  we need to let go of some of the thoughts we have so that we can get more done.  We'll have a lot more room in our brain for other things.  Over thinkers often experience minor memory loss simply because they have too many things vying for attention in there minds.  It's the same way with all the things we have to do.  Too much work tends to send us into overload.

I think so many of us are too hard on ourselves for what we didn't accomplish or what we should have done.  We shouldn't ever allow anyone to treat us as though we are second best.  I'm not going to be a better person because I got everything done that I wanted to this week.  I didn't get it all done, but what I'm going to focus on is some precious family time today.  

For some reason, most of us have been trained to look for the flaws in our lives.  We have to choose to live our lives the best we can in the place we are and focus on the positive.

As I've grown older, I've learned that having a spotless house doesn't mean a thing when there are so many other more important things to do.

I hope you all have a SUPER Saturday!

'On Ya'-ma

Friday, August 24, 2012

Chapter 8, Page 24, Book 12

It's Friday y'all! Let's celebrate making it through another week


After a beautiful week filled with glorious days we are heating up once again in Northern Ohio.  They say our temps will be in the high 80's, might as well say 90 for the weekend.  Rain is to move in Monday making a little cooler once again.  

It seems I cannot take the heat so I'm counting on the air conditioning, my iced tea and lemonade and a couple of lazy days here keeping cool.

One of my son's and his family are coming in for a little visit.  Our county fair is going on and they want to go.  My son insists that our little fair is one of the best he has ever been to and he has been to a few.

I've had a few challenging days this week, but I made it, thanks be to God.   I'm still alive and kicking.  Don't forget to give yourself a pat on the back.  You did it too!  We made it through another week!!!

Hope you all have a FANTASTIC Friday!

'On Ya'-ma

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chapter 8, Page 23, Book 12

There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.

Celia Thaxter

This summer is coming to an end, and there have been many things that I am ever so thankful for.

Today I'm sharing just a few of them with you.

A grandson that loves smoothies.  

See his fruity mustache?  This picture surly did make me smile!

A baby to care for

My porch swing

Rose of Sharon bushes blooming in the yard

I'm thankful that we've had some cooler days that we can actually be outside and enjoy it too.  The beginning of this week has brought some beautiful days in the med 70's our way.  Cool summer evenings outside watching the birds has been delightful too ! 

For these and all my blessings I am thankful!

Hope your Thursday is full of blessings to be thankful for  too!

'On Ya'-ma

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chapter 8, Page 22, Book 12

At times, challenges hit with the force of a roaring, rushing waterfall.  The true test, however, is whether you can put your arms up and enjoy the feel of the water.  

Aviva Kaufman


It is a known fact that continuing to face new challenges and develop new abilities is extremely important to your growth and maturity.  The good Lord knows I think I'm mature enough but I still get challenged as much as I've always been.

The days ahead will be full of new experiences, things you have never done before. You may not know how to do them, but you will learn. Everything you are doing today was new to you at one time and now look, now you can do it.

We  often think and say, it’s time for a change !  I need something new, and then we hesitate to embrace that new thing when it comes. If you are ready for something new and fresh, don’t be afraid when it comes.
Challenges are gifts that force us to search for a new center of gravity. 
Don't fight them. Just find a new way to stand 

Oprah Winfrey

Don’t stay trapped in the past. Let go of what lies behind and press into the great future .  Today is going to bring changes into our lives of some kind.  Every day is a wonderful chance to make the most of them.  Remember our attitudes are like habits and habits can be acquired.
Like television producer Barbara Gordon says, While others may argue about whether the world ends with a bang or a whimper, I just want to make sure mine doesn't end with a whine.   I can't put it any better than that.

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday everyone!

'On Ya'-ma