It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Chapter 4, Page 7, Book 12

SUPER Saturday/ Preparing for Easter

Because we have a lot to do today we need to take some time to it well. 

As  I made my Easter  preparations this year, I had to remind myself to keep focused on the importance of Easter.  Working to prepare for Easter can offer us many precious moments.  As we color our Easter Eggs,  we can think about how eggs symbolize New Life.

  Any festive celebration (and Easter is our greatest cause of rejoicing) takes advance preparation.  While preparing some food to share with my family I thought about how  it seems that most celebrations include a good meal and my family loves to eat and are all very good cooks too so we're always assured it will be a wonderful feast.

We  also must make the most of our appearance on Easter Sunday.  I remember times long ago when new clothing was bought for each of my children to wear Easter Day.  Easter bonnets it seems is a thing of the past for many but I loved wearing them and putting one on my daughters head too.  They were definitely a sign of Easter.  Even though I won't have an Easter bonnet this year I'll be wearing something festive and gay to celebrate this most Joyous holiday... wearing new clothes can symbolize the gift of our New Life

More than food or new clothing though, we need to prepare our hearts and minds.  Sometimes that is the hardest part.  We don't want to be worrying about what others might say or do, we don't want to be criticizing them for what they don't do...we really want to make the most of this celebration.  Focus on the positive side of the occasion and just celebrate!

Taking time to do everything well will makes for a grand celebration.

Have a SUPER Saturday everyone! 

 'On Ya'-ma


Martha said...

I miss those days of Easter bonnets and brand new shiny white shoes. Hope you have a wonderful celebration with your family today. Happy Easter :)

betty said...

It certainly was festive in years past with Easter bonnets and frilly dresses for the girls :) Now so many of us at our church wear jeans, how the times have changed :)

The message is still the same though, Jesus Arose and for that I'm grateful!

You are right, Ma, prepare our heart is more important than any other preparations we might do to celebrate this most special of days.

Enjoy your time with your family (which is kind of a redundant thing to say because I know you will enjoy it immensely and carry away memories again from the day together to think about in the days ahead :)


jack69 said...

I know you will have a great Easter because you know the real reason for Easter and his Resurrection.

But I do remember the Easter Bonnet
and I do love that song, 'In you Easter Bonnet'.
The best to you, good post!~

Buttercup said...

Off to celebrate the second night of Passover. So blessed to be able to celebrate. Wishes to you for a bright and blessed Easter with your family.


HAVE a glorious celebration with your family MA. HAPPY EASTER. Enjoy.