It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Friday, April 06, 2012

Chapter 4, Page 6, Book 12

A Letter from the King

Dear Child,
Good Morning Sleepy Head, Come Spend Some QuietTime with Me.
 Before the demands of the day start, before the phone begins to ring, before your family needs your help, come to me. I see how much you are trying, how you are giving life all you have to give! Now, come to Me. I want to renew your spirit and fill you up with Me.
I want to give you my perspective. You have been tired lately, easy to get upset. So many people need help, so many people are hurting. You can't minister to others until you let me minister to you. Do you remember when Jesus went into the desert for forty days? Satan tried all he could to beat Him up emotionally, to trip Him up, to get Him to make wrong choices. But what happen each time? Jesus filled with the Word, and My presence, was able to respond with a Biblical Worldview answer.
What do you think Jesus was doing all the time Satan wasn't bothering Him during those forty days? He was spending time in My presence. He was listening to Me and I was listening to Him. We were having sweet fellowship. My Word was His food, His sustenance. He was being filled with My desires and heart for Him, My purpose and plan for His life. 
You, too, can come to Me and be filled with the Word, and My presence. You can listen to Me and I will listen to you. We can have sweet fellowship together and My Word will be your food, your sustenance. You will be filled with My desires, the purposes and plans I have for your day. Satan will try to trip you up, just like he did Jesus. But by coming to Me first in your day and keeping a focus on Me throughout the day, you will know how to respond to his attacks. You will recognize his wicked, sly voice and be alert to the traps he tries to set.
Come spend quiet time with Me. After being filled with my grace, love, hope, and peace; you will be able to shower these blessings on others. Your children will be blessed. Your husband will be blessed. Your friends will be blessed, along with anyone you meet this day. Because when you take time to be blessed by me, you can be a blessing to others. My blessing is multiplied through you to everyone you touch and meet. 
 This is the beauty of being a Christian, you are able to be Christ to others,  Grab your Bible, a notepad or a journal and a pen.  Find a quiet place and come to Me.  I am waiting for you.  I so want to bless you and help you see your life as I see it.  Don't stop to talk to another, check or mail, answer the phone.  I am so more important, come to Me. 

 I love you so much. 

 Author Unknown ( but it just could be a Letter from the King)


This day will be spent in quiet contemplation for me.  Taking some time out to think about what Easter means in my life and how much I am truly loved.

We cannot feel the deepest joy of Easter without spending some time reflecting on this good news. I will take some precious moments to give thanks for the gift of mercy and life we have been given

Because it is Good Friday, many will take a break from work and spend the hours between noon and 3 p.m today as their special time of reflection today.  I hope you all have a very blessed and Fantastic Good Friday.

'On Ya'-ma


betty said...

I loved that letter Ma! You are right, it could have been from God; so much wisdom in it to share time with him through prayer and his Word! Good day too to reflect on the wonderful gift Jesus gave us!


Martha said...

Wonderful! I will definitely be taking time for reflection today. Peace, love and happiness to you and yours this weekend ((Easter hugs))

Rose said...

This was beautiful.

Happy Easter!

Hugs, Rose

Elizabeth said...

I love this! Happy Easter!

jack69 said...

We definitely need to spend some time with the King of Kings. 'tis obvious you do.
Good entry, have a wonderful Easter Season!!!


A LOVELY letter of faith. There was REFLECTION in my life today, for sure. I hope you are at peace this Easter weekend. Take care MA.