It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chapter 4, Page 21, Book 12

Lorelai:  Rory, my heart. It is Saturday, the day of rest.
 Rory:  Sunday’s the day of rest
Lorelai:  No, Saturday is the day of pre-rest.
Rory:  Pre-rest?
 Lorelai:  Yeah, so that way when you actually get to Sunday
 you’re rested enough to enjoy your rest

 Gilmore Girls

SUPER Saturday!

I can remember when I worked that Saturdays were a mini vacation day.  It didn't matter that I had a house to clean and errands to run, all of it was better than going to work.

Still, most every thing I do on Saturdays, makes for a more restful Sunday.  I like to get things out of the way to my day of rest and relaxation a day that I can do just that and nothing more.

This Saturday I'm off to a celebration for our Prince Charming!  It really will feel more like a Sunday to me than a Saturday.  The great thing about it is that I still have Sunday to enjoy too.

I did a lot this past week so I'd have plenty of time just for rest and relaxation this weekend.  Celebrating with my family is a JOY you all know that I love to do.

Spring has barely sprung and already it has become a time of many happy days here at my house.

There will be plenty more of those days ahead too!  

Hope you all have a SUPER Saturday.  

'On Ya'-ma


Kath said...

I am so happy you are enjoying your retirement to the full.Such pleasant and happy things waiting round each corner for you.You worked hard Ma and you deserve all these good things which come your way.As my Father used to say on the note of rest and relaxation......"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".
We must take time to rest and enjoy our days of relaxation whilst we can..Have a Super Saturday.Take Care God bless Kath xx

betty said...

I liked that Saturday is a day of pre-rest; hadn't thought of Saturdays like that before! I work half day Saturdays so no pre-rest here, but that's okay!

Enjoy your celebration; lots of great memories being made today I am sure!


Martha said...

Saturdays are usually busier at home catching up than then my work days during the week, but you're right, it's all worth it for Sunday. Have a wonderful time today! :)

Kathy said...

Sounds like a fun day today. Enjoy yourself and your family and have a good Sunday too.

ADB said...

Hope your Saturday continues to be super!


Hope you had a wonderful celebration with Prince Charming. Enjoying the company of family is always special. RELAXING is a basic life requirement. ENJOY! Take care.

JeanJournal said...

Several hours ago, I was about to 'comment' here and on my laptop were the words ...Turn off the computer and go do something...'DIFFERENT' ...FOR AWHILE...I thought of baking a cake...or going for a walk...or just a-swinging in the backyard...or rocking in the outside rocking chair(Mama's from long ago)...but decided to just take a short 'nap' ~~~ which I DID...FEELING TRULY RESTED now...I guess I mostly go for ...LAZY...I might 'change' one of these days...but don't hold your breath.. :) I can tell you are REALLY HAPPY TODAY!! ~(((( Are you on FB?...I am...Jean Lewis Calhoun Ga...and on TWITTER also OwitaruthJean ...would love to hear from you & commenters...really ENJOY all of your 'thoughts' and thankful you all love the Lord.))) ~ Jean(Rome Georgia Girl living in Calhoun Georgia

jack69 said...

I'm late, but I had a super Saturday. I hope we have a Super Sunday. We plan to go hear our twins sing and play Unity Baptist in the morning.

Have a great Sunday your self...