It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Chapter 4, Page 15, Book 12

Relax, it's Sunday!

Sometimes we just need to RELAX and enjoy relaxing and not working !

Our little holiday in every week is the weekend. Although we may dedicate Saturdays for cleaning the house or for some shopping,  Sunday  is definitely a day to set aside for relaxation, rest, renewal and restoration.

It's Sunday morning and I'm sitting here sipping my good cup of coffee this morning.  I do need to rest up today because I have a busy week ahead.  Just as I had predicted this Spring is a busy one for me.  I see no let down here at my house till maybe the end of June.  Life is terrifically busy for me right now.  I may have hibernated all winter, but not any longer.  

It's always a joy for me to be with my family and we've plenty of family times coming.  

Hope you also have quiet and peaceful Sunday, because it's from God. Go see the nature, go to a movie, sleep, and eat.  On Sundays you are allowed to do the most relaxing things of all the week! I advise you not to refuse yourself the little pleasures that Sundays offer

We all need that wonderful R and R that helps to make us the best we can be!

As always you all are in my prayers and thoughts.  

'On Ya'-ma



You are so right about Sundays. I am glad you suggested we use this time for renewal and restoration. You ENJOY that coffee and the quiet moments today brings, MA. I was babysitting for my grandchildren and their new puppy last week. They were quite a handful for sure. So I understand your BUSY, HECTIC schedule in the weeks ahead. TAKE CARE. PS) I added a photo of the FREE bunny EAR tag at the end of my blog, just in case anybody wanted to see it.

betty said...

How exciting with the events ahead in the days ahead, Ma! Good thing you are retired to enjoy them all! I totally agree with you about taking the time for a Sabbath day of rest and relaxation. After I took a 3-hour nap last Sunday, I realized how tired I had been for awhile and you know, last week I felt less tired with more energy, so if I take another nap this afternoon, I think it will do this body good :)


Buttercup said...

Love the quiet days of restoration. Have a bright and blessed Sunday!

Kath said...

I have certainly had a relaxing Sunday today Ma.I didn't set out to have a relaxing one,but thats the way it has turned out.My health leads the way my day goes nowadays.ENJOY yours.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Hollie said...

I'm enjoyed a great day of R & R! I've sipped on coffee all day! It's sunny & nice here!

JeanJournal said...

WONDERFUL POST!! ~ I've had an 8 day vacation with my daughter...who lives 30 minutes from me ...SO I have 8 days of chores to catch up on...I haven't had my laptop with me at Kathy's could not read your very wise words Ma, just today's post...and it is a real treasure...And yes we DO HAVE TO "PACE OURSELF" when in our (60's and 70's especially) I know that GOD gives me inner joy and peace and extra strength as I do my work and hobbies and things (just that makes me...Jean!) like poetry, songs, reading, etc. One day a man bought a flower from a woman(mine and your age, but I'm older than you) and said (You've been sitting here for many years, now.(and always wear your troubles well...She replied (You can't reach my age and not have troubles~~~It's like Jesus...and Good Friday...She paused for a moment..."Yes", I prompted...(Well, when Jesus was crucified, that was the worst day for the whole world...and when I get troubles, I remember that...and then I think of what happened three days later...Easter and our Lord Arising!...So when I get troubles, I have learned to wait three days...and somehow everything gets alright again.), and she smiled~~goodbye.) ~~(He says, her words still follow me and whenever I think I have troubles... give God a chance to help...wait three days. ~Pat Barnes 1956)Guidepost March 1995

jack69 said...

You are right sometimes we just need to stop.
Today I did just that. I noticed I was interrupting my birds feeding their young, since I was so close to their home, so I just backed off and took a seat to watche them rush away and come back with a bug or worm.
Then I walked ofer and and let the grand dog, 'MJ' out and played with her a little. NICE!
You have a lot to great ideas.