It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Noah - means rest

Noah's name means rest, not only absence of movement but being settled in a particular place to give comfort, make to rest, quiet resting place.  When his father named him, he regarded Noah as the one who should be the rest-giver, and as one who should provide comfort from the weariness of toil   After Noah had completed the task of building the ark there was nothing to do but rest.. the result was this rest from what was before.
When you think of rest, what springs to mind?  If you’re like me you’ll be thinking about an absence of stresses and suffering.
Sometimes in the midst of the chaos that life sometime hands out we too need rest from the toil and frustrations of the week now behind us in order to go forward.  Sundays give us time to step of the treadmill of work.  Opening this gift of time isn't always easy.  But resting from the cares and concerns of our daily grind  can make an unbelievable difference

We live in a world that’s full of warning labels. From disclaimers on pills, to use-by dates on soup cans, to danger signs on chain saws, warning labels draw our attention to impending dangers. Recently I received a box with a precious gift inside. The sender had attached a big red sticker to the package that said, fragile: handle with care. When I think about life and how fragile it is, I wonder if we shouldn’t all wear one of those red stickers.
It’s not a good idea to cruise through life thinking that we are invincible and that everything is going to be just fine, only to discover that we are far more fragile than we thought. It takes only a call from the doctor telling us that we have a life-threatening disease, or the swerve of a careless driver in front of us to remind us that life is extremely uncertain. There are no guarantees

Refreshed; relieved of fatigue; restored in strength and spirit. How we need this blessing in our busy, modern world!

Let's keep Sundays as our day to rest and refresh, relax and restore. Let’s keep it because He gave it to us and because we need it!

'On Ya' Ma


JeanJournal said...

HAPPY SUNDAY, Ma ~ God bless you today ~ "There are no guarantees...BUT GOD! has promised be with us through the good times and the not so good things. (JUST TO BE ALIVE TODAY is JOY! ~ and 'another chance' to bless someone! Oh what a blessing you are!...Lets just hold the fort a little while longer ~ dear, dear lady ~ Loveya!! ~ Jean(Rome Georgia Girl living in Calhoun


Warning labels, marked fragile should come with every new birth, so as we grow we can be more prepared to face life and what it throws our way. Why didn't I think of that? Very clever idea. I'm NOT sure we can return ourselves, even under warranty, though. LOL YOU REST UP, today. I am going to do the same. Have babysitting duty again, starting Monday. Take care.

jack69 said...

As usual you are so right, there ae no guarantees, as my daddy used to say, 'This is not Sears & roebuck, life has no guarantees.'

Wisdom to live by.
Rainy day here in Florida, we saw the son off this morning before church, headed back home to NC.

Buttercup said...

We know the little ones are fragile, but we forget that we have our fragile times, too. I feel a little more fragile as I age and see all the things that life can hold. Wishes for a wonderful week!

Jean said...

Hi MA I hope you had a great day. It was cool here early this morning but got up in the 70's. We didn't make the trip to Dothan as I had plan to, but theirs always another day this time change has me all messed up. Lol. Take care. Jean