It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Friday, March 16, 2012

Chapter 3, Page 16, Book 12

I'd like to build the world a home and furnish it with love...

FANTASTIC  Friday/ It is the heart that makes the home

When arks are built, lives are saved. Our homes and our lives could be like the ark of Noah

The ark is a symbol. It was real enough, but for those of us who sense the rising fear and insecurity in our own day, there is an additional lesson here. We must prepare for the safety of our families by building our own arks. They will be refuges for us when storms threaten to capsize us and our families, but only if they are tight, and have no leaks. If we have built arks secure in love, and made them tight, then our homes and our lives will be like the ark of Noah .  A refuge in the storm. 

To build a house that is within us in our hearts that keep us safe in this world.  
Let's build a house where love can dwell.

We need to protect our home and our families and not let what is treasured be stolen from us.

They are a precious commodity and we won't get back any of those stolen moments of time we spend with them.

Proverbs has some very wise words for building a home:  by wisdom a house is build and through understanding it is established.

The choice of how I use my time, the words I use, what I laugh at, what I embrace, the looks I give, the praise I give, every thing I say and do can either build up or tear down

It is difficult work that requires great skill.

Anyone can build a house, and anyone can fill that house with beautiful things,

A home is not just the sum of its order and beauty. Even on those days when chaos reigns, a home is truly defined by the spirit that reigns within it
I have seen a sign that states:

A house is built of brick and stone,

but love alone can build a home.

A nice saying, for sure. I build my home through love, and that love is so encompassing! 

There have to be things put into place in order for our homes and our families to stand strong and endure the test of time. 

We can either be home makers or home breakers.  It's all a matter of choice.  Choices we make every day in the little things we do and say.

You are the heart of your home...Be sweet to your family.  They need you!

Have a fantastic Friday everyone!

'On Ya'-ma



So true that HOME is where the HEART is. It isn't what you accumulate that matters. It's the values and experiences you share that mold each of us. It is important to be prepared to face emergencies when they arise. Too often we're swept away by things we can't control. Some days we feel like we're treading water here since my husband lost his job. It is so hard. But we muddle through. The job market out there is tough. We keeping hoping for a temporary job, here or there, to help see us through. But nothing has materialized. And Social Security isn't enough.

betty said...

Enjoyed reading your thoughts about the home, Ma, because they are so true. I definitely want to build a house with love and be a house builder than a breaker indeed. Ithink it is also good to make sure one builds their house on a firm foundation of God; I think a house that does that will never fall or fail :)

enjoy the day!


jack69 said...

HOME, when I was doing public chalk talks, that was my favorite picture. The house by the side of the Road and then ending with 'HOME'.

Such a very important part of human existence. And especially here in the USA, we, the older bunch, set store in a real home.

I am sure all over the world it is the same, but, it is here that we have made our HOME.

Love from down here!!!

JeanJournal said...

I'm HOME...this post today is really a blessing and since I visit my children a lot in the winter...I'm happy to get to sit in my own living room and watch my own tv programs...and have the radio and etc as loud as I want it...and doors open and window blinds open...bringing the outside in. ~~be it ever so humble~~~there's no place like home~~~I like the words (be sweet to your family. they need you~~~that's good advice today...but when they seldom call or visit...we must keep on reaching out to help them. ~ Jean(Rome Georgia Girl living in Calhoun)