It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Chapter 3, Page10, Book 12

Never mind March, we know
You're not really mad
Or angry or bad.
You're only blowing the winter away
To get the world ready
For April and May.

Super Saturday/ the value of time
We know from the story that Noah, having been tossed on the stormy waters, came to rest on Mount Ararat.
Has your ship arrived?
Are you waiting for your ship to come in? It could be a long wait. Why not put your swimsuit on and go out and meet it?  Sitting and waiting for your ship to come in while you do nothing is foolish.

Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it. .... Don't wait for your  ship to come in, and feel angry and 

cheated when it doesn't

It is so true, we are all waiting for something to happen and some of us are expecting wonderful things to happen and they will - when the time is right! Meanwhile, we need to enjoy life as it happens and not wish our days away.
Take each opportunity as it comes, enjoy the small things in life and discard those things that do not work for you.

The man who has done nothing but wait for his ship to come in has already missed the boat.

You have to remember that you have the perfect life now, and by having that feeling it will be the perfect life. If you are always waiting, then your life will continue to be one of being dissatisfied and waiting. New opportunities happen every day, make sure that you are able to take advantage of them and not just keep waiting for everything to be perfect. 

Your ship is in - you need to climb aboard - if a better one comes along you can always disembark! 
 Hop aboard!  The most important thing to bring is fun!  

The winds of March are pushing the sails of my ship toward Spring today!  Ahoy there,  warmer days are almost in sight!

It's a super Saturday here at my house...hope you all have a SUPER one too! 

'On Ya'-ma


Rose said...

It is hard looking forward to a change of season living in South Florida as there is not change of seasons down here! LOL

jack69 said...

This was one of the fun type entries that also teach. Thanks. Always enjoy the read.
Sherry & Jack down in Florida, over cast but warm...

JeanJournal said...

I visited a neighbor a little while ago...I played with my little chihuahua ~ LUCY ~ and spoiled her with some ham for her supper ~ She's sooo tiny(5 or 6 pounds) ~ I've had a calm and quiet day so peaceful and sunny and gentler warm winds, in 60's ((((I can just ~ almost ~ SEE ~ and touch ~ and feel ~ and taste ~ SPRING! ~ WONDERFUL! and BEAUTIFUL! ~ SPRING!))) ~ Have a fun evening, Ma...GOOD WRITING TODAY ~ Jean(Rome Georgia Girl living in Calhoun (Take no thought for tomorrow ~ Or neither what you'll do ~ God takes care of me ~ and He will take care of you ~~~ (((THE PRETTY FLOWER SAID ~ (IONL...See the lilies blowing in the wind ~ They never toil nor do they spin ~ Yet even King Solomon ~ In all his glory ~ Was ever arrayed as one of them! ~ ((I heard this song on the radio in 1976 and loved it, and have never forgotten it...I think I'll post the second verse on my blog...(IONL)

Jean said...

Great read I always enjoy your post. Take care. Jean


MA, I've been waiting for my ship to come in for years. Finally realized I missed the boat. It isn't going to happen without a little effort on my part, is it. LOL Thanks for the encouragement. take care.