It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Chapter 3, Page 8, Book 12

Lord, may you show me a sign of your love in unexpected ways and let me remember, and live as if it matters.



God spread a rainbow to remind Noah of the promise made, but for you it may be something else. 

Signs are everywhere

Maybe God reminds you of the promise made through the picture of a loved one that you walk by each morning, maybe a friend who always remembers your birthday; or maybe it’s an afternoon rainstorm that cools the earth. Whatever it may be for you, when those reminders pop up, take a moment to remember and thank God for the love and life that has been promised to you

  We are seeing some signs of Spring here at my house and I am indeed very thankful for them.  

The Robins that come in the Spring always remind me of my mother.  Some of the last moments we spent together we talked about the cheerful songs the robins sing saying Cheer Up  Cheer Up.

The puddles from the rain we've had remind me of my children.  They always made it a point to step in every puddle.

The sunshine reminds me to be happy and rejoice in each day

The buds on the daffodils remind me that winter is almost over and we'll soon have much nicer days

The longer days remind me to say a prayer of thanksgiving for making it through another winter.  

Lent is a season of preparation and one of the best ways to start preparing is through a thankful heart.

I hope this Thursday will be a day that you too can be thankful!

'On Ya' - ma


Joyful Days said...

My youngest drove me crazy with puddles!! :^) While it seemed like such a big deal then--now...? I have to laugh.



jack69 said...

The same to you. I will be thankful for this day. all ready I have reason to be glad, having stopped by the bright spot on the Blogsville road!
Love from here!!

JeanJournal said...

Making it a point to step in every puddle...caused me to laugh(remembering my brother,Ed, as a boy turning onto our street where we lived...and Mama was worried about him being late coming home, and her watching him splash in every puddle...for the pure joy he got doing it! ~ Hymmmmm ~ we never know when a special memory will surprise us when we read something that another writes...Ed died at 43, my sister died at 50 ~ a brother died as a teenager,13 probably ~ Mama died at dad who left us when I was 4 or 5 (he came to visit us when I was 35(Mama said thst one day he would come..and said for us to be kind to him) we were kind to him... and went to his funeral a few years later, still don't hear drom his 3 children by second wife. I am the only one left from my childhood family...and have 2 girls, one boy)in their 50's) ~ Long life seems like a miracle to me(I think all of them were much more deserving of long life than me ~ but I am ESPECIALLY THANKFUL to the Lord ~ and as I testified when I was saved at the ripe old age of 16 ~ "I know THE LORD SAVED ME! ~ and my desire then, and now, is to DO what the Lord wants me to do!" ~ Keep on blessing everybody Ma. YOU are one of kind. ~ Jean(Rome Georgia Girl living in Calhoun ~~~I'm a little melancoly today. In 10 will be 6 years since CW went on to bed after we had been out to eat that Saturday...and about 20 minutes later...he was ...gone...heart attack...He and I didn't have a doctor, were never sick, or on numerous pills as our friends were ~ I cherish every day, wanting to be wonderful to my children and he was to me and the children...and to others ~