It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Chapter 3, Page 4, Book 12

R and R Sunday/The Sundays of Lent are celebration days!

When you're stressed float awhile

Lesson from the Ark

A promise is one of those things we say all the time when we make an agreement.   If it is REALLY serious, we might even pinky promise, shaking with our pinkies as a way to seal the deal and add a little oomph to the promise made

More times than not, we probably break those promises. Life gets busy, we get distracted, and we forget promises that we have made, even the pinky ones.

During Lent we make promises to give up things that matter to us to show our earnest willingness to make more room for God in our lives.

But on Sundays, the Lords day, we are allowed to have all those things we gave up for one day a week during Lent.

It's true that what we can have becomes all the more precious to us.  If I can't have a piece of cake, I find myself wanting one all the more.  So on Sundays I can have my piece of cake and eat it too!

Another popular promise in Lent is to do more for others and sometimes after a week of doing, Lent or otherwise, we need a break and just Float awhile.

Sundays are a day FLOAT YOUR BOAT and rest.  This means doing whatever it takes to soothe your soul or whatever works best.

My list of things to give up are found on the side bar of my blog.  I really don't think it will make this Sunday or any day, any time of year better if I break those promises.  I'm still going to float today, and make it a soothing one, but I'll keep my promises too.

In the long run some promises are made not to be broken.

I hope you have a wonderful day of rest and relaxation, renewal and refreshment for the coming week ahead.
You all remain in my thoughts and prayers as always.

'On Ya'-ma


Hollie said...

What a great list!!! I'm enjoying my day of R & R also... Have a great one!!

jack69 said...

Ahhhh, R & R. Hope your day is a great one. I know you are the type of person who makes a promise, will keep it unless the drastic happens to prevent it.
We had High winds last night, Awnings held. I should take them in but I guess it is too much trouble hahaha.


Temptation is a difficult thing. It is nice to indulge just a little on Sundays. Giving up things you love for Lent is a sacrifice worth making. Take care. We are getting snowflakes here. Last week it was in the 60's.

Rose said...

Love reading your posts!

It is raining here in South, I'm taking the time to relax and enjoy the day with a good book.

Hugs, Rose

JeanJournal said...

I'm having a restful day. Weather is in 50's, sunshine, but WINDY! ~ and my thought,,,"after all, Imogene...IT IS MARCH!" ~ (((((((About promises ~ A deacon at our church on seeing a daddy walking with a child coming behind him would softly say "Be careful how you walk...little feet...are following in your footsteps." ~~~~~~(Eugene Pulliam) Curryville Baptist Church...Have a GREAT DAY ~ Ma ~~~ Jean(Rome Georgia Girl living in Calhoun