It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Friday, March 23, 2012

Chapter 3, Page 23, Book 12

FANTASTIC Friday/ Fantastic Faith

So many people will say,  I’ll believe it when I see it,  but the opposite is just as true, I’ll see it when I believe it.  If you have a strong belief, faith, in something, the action you are taking is having the same thought that is positively charged over and over again.  What you believe in will come to be.


Faith always takes us on a journey beyond the obvious and tangible.  Faith does not come easy. While we see and know people for whom faith seems like second nature, for many of us it is a gift that reveals itself only with the utmost diligence and care. 

Life isn’t easy, we all know that. You have to fight for what you want in life. No one will hand it to you on a silver platter. And forget everyone else for a bit, go for what will truly make you happy. Even if that means fighting with everything you’ve got.
Have faith and belief that it will come true.
Because it can, and will :)

There is  profound comfort of believing in something bigger than yourself.

Faith is a fruit of the spirt. We talk a lot about faith as a gift, but it is also spoken about as a fruit. After it is given you, it is to grow.

The fruits of the Spirit are gifts from God.  Our only job is to tend the soil and give thanks for the harvest

 Life without faith in something is too narrow a space to live.  

George Lancaster Spalding

We exercise our faith every day. We have faith that the sun will give light to our day, that our car will still be parked where we left it, that our money is still in the bank, etc. Our acceptance of these types of things proves that we trust, by faith, in them. You see, we all have a great deal of faith. We are born in innocence and are given to trust, by faith, that which we are taught.

Our only limitation is the degree of conviction in our faith. 

You only need a mustard seed's amount of faith to start

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC Friday - believe it and it will be...

'On Ya'-ma


betty said...

Beautiful entry on faith, Ma. You described it really well in so many different ways and included great scripture to back it up. I think at times if we just lived the fruit of the spirit, how much more purposeful and joy filled our days would be!

Very nicely done entry!! I consider it in the top 10 you've done that I've read!! One to go back and read again and again!


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Have a super weekend..!!

jack69 said...

Very good entry. Faith is something that is very hard to put my finger on. You know it when you have it, you miss it when you don't.
Love it Ma,


"Our only limitation is the degree of conviction in our faith." I think this sentence really sums it up. At least for me. take care.

JeanJournal said...

Today's post is SO GOOD! PRAYER IS THE KEY TO THE kINGDOM BUT FAITH UNLOCKS THE DOOR. On a website...Motivate us...I commented several years ago ~ saying ((("When I do my best ~ God does the rest." Imogene(Jean) Owita Lewis))))...(and that is my lifequote) ~ God blessya Ma ~ Jean(Rome Georgia Girl